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    Default Dragon Marks and Meta Magic

    Any clue if heighten has any effect on dragonmark feat spell casting, if your NOT a caster?

    i.e. Could I take heighten on my half elf fighter and actually have a chance at stunning enemies with electric loop?

    I know meta magics work on dragonmark feat abilities, but heighten is supposed to go to your highest spell level, and obviously fighters dont have that.

    Does dillentante in a caster class influence this at all? 'Treated as a 10th level cleric', tenth level clerics get 5th level spells, electric loop is boosted to have a DC reflecting 5th level spells?

    Edit: Oh, I found this: "the DC is equal to 10+level of the spell+your Charisma modifier." on Wiki. Why charisma modifier? Is this universal? I just remade my fighter from FvS dill to Cleric dill.. maybe I should remake again if I wanted to do this? Maybe not, the DC would still be quite low wouldnt it, even with say a 14 starting cha.
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