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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    So, wait...
    Three dots, and the servers are dead?

    OMG! Predator on the loose! Predator on the loose!!!
    Get to da choppa!!!

    Good one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilldude
    Dude, did you see they way that guy just pressed button 1? It was amazing! A display of skill unseen since the 1984 World Games where in the men's room, between events, a man washed his hands with such unbridled majesty that people were claiming the faucet he used was OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    For people who are continuing to experience launcher-related issues after rebooting their computers, please file a support ticket to DDO Tech Support for further assistance. To do so, please click here, then click "Support Center", then "Submit a Ticket". Send it to DDO Tech Support, and please include your launcher and patch log, if available. Thanks, and we apologize for the inconvenience!
    Made a ticket.
    And, of course, got automated response.

    Specially like the part where the automated response says:
    - If you do not reply at all it is assumed that the issue was resolved and no further action will be taken.
    (reply to the automated response email)

    Some times i wonder why i even bother.

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    Have had this issue at times. It seemed to resolve on its own.

    You can try restarting client or simply waiting the timer. After 2 or so minutes it will most likely move on and after getting into loading screen whole launcher delay issue disappears.

    If you cut your connection you get the time out message, but that isnt really a solution eh? :P

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    You mean it isn't supposed to take 7 minutes to load.. now I am ****ed...
    Me: "You want some of this you little lizard rat! Ooo.. big bad kobold shaman! You got nothi..." "DING"
    Friend: "Dude... were you just owned by a kobold?"
    Me: "Just shut up..."

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