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    Default Essence Crushing

    Everyone know that we can go to the crafting hall to trade one greater essence in 5 lesser essences of the same type, or 2 greater essences into one greater essence of another type from the same school.

    Please, add recipes that allow us to trade it faster.

    My idea was something like:

    -1 Greater for 5 Lessers (like now)
    -10 greater for 50 lesser
    -50 greater for 250 Lesser (for 224~256 lesser recipes)
    -100 greater for 500 lesser (for high shards of potential)
    Exchange 2 greaters to 1 greater (like now)
    Exchange 20 greaters to 10 greaters
    Exchange 70 greaters to 35 greaters (for recipes that require 36 greater)

    The same can be said of Crystal Cove barter box, on gem to doubloon exchange, and summon gems.
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    Default Quilny Approved

    /signed great idea
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    Agree, some sort of bulk trade should be possible.

    I would prefer a generic system as when buying pots, Ctrl+Click on recipe, choose 1-100 how many of the the chosen trade to perform.

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    After gathering several months worth of greater essences, the most boring, grindy part of leveling up my crafter is the slow as molasses trade in of only five lesser essences per click. Considering how many lesser essences we'll have to convert to get anyway, it certainly stands as a flaw in the crafting system that should be easily fixable.

    Please, have the relevant departments spend a day or two implementing this into the GUI. It'd make us much happier.

    Specifically, you should have the following trade options:

    1 Greater for 5 Lesser.

    10 Greater for 50 Lesser.

    100 Greater for 500 Lesser.

    Simple, elegant, easy.

    EDIT: Ah yes, I didn't fully read the original post when I suggested my ratios. Yet it seems anyone would come to such ratios. That only makes this suggestion even more common sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkRea View Post
    Agree, some sort of bulk trade should be possible.

    I would prefer a generic system as when buying pots, Ctrl+Click on recipe, choose 1-100 how many of the the chosen trade to perform.
    This ^^ would be the best option, IMO.

    Though any system that allows multiples would be better than the 1 click deal we have now.
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