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    Default Movable Party Names

    I'm not sure how to word this to mean the right thing.

    Take for example healing. I am in charge of healing 6 people. I'd love to be able to move them to F1-f6 rather than click f1 to heal this guy, f3 the next, f7 the next, ect. It would be great if I could just rearrange it (quickly without reassigning all the keys) to place whoever on f2 by dragging their name to the f2 slot, much like you would for any queue. This way in a raid setting I can be in charge of the first 6 guys on -my- list.

    Hope that makes sense, just a simple suggestion to make targeting kinder. (And please for all that is good, make their dot light up on the mini when I select them)

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    Sounds like a good idea!

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