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    Talking 7 first timers, 3 that knew little and 2 veterans complete Abbot! Yay!

    I had the normal Abbot Teaching Run planned tonight.

    The first Abbot failed in Asteroids. I took two ppl in goggles with me (one was new, other had tried twice), we almost made it with a rather difficult puzzle. Ice was successful (A guildie guided a first timer in there - Oldschool).

    A few people leave, we find a few more people for a second try.

    Asteroids is successful, followed by Ice oldschool and after a long time, goggles is successful with 3 people only (only 1 vet).

    This is the story of 7 first timers, 3 people that had been in one before but knew little, and 2 veterans of Abbot that Successfully complete a normal Abbot. Good lesson for elitists jerks out there.

    I would like to thank everyone for participating in this Teaching run. I hope it was an enjoyable run although I was monopolizing party chat all the time

    Special thanks go to Frets from Elite Raiders and Owy from Helpers Guild for having the patience and the kindness to help me doing this and making Khyber a better place!

    Here is the victory ! Gratz to those first timers who defeated the abbot!

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    Thanks a lot for showing us the ropes and being patient! I'd still like to get a bit more practice with asteroids, so I'll be looking for the next training run

    Merci bien, on n'aurait pas pu le faire sans toi !
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    I'm sorry I missed it I managed to get home in time, but the fact that I slept zero hours the night before ended up nixing the run for me. I'll try to make it to the next one.
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    Cam I sign up for xp piking pls? I need to level up once again and have so little time
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    Really good idea. A while back I had intended to start a '/joinchannel learntoraid' but never got around to it, glad someone else has decided to do it.

    I recommend that 'learning' runs of VON5 run at level 20 are done on Epic so players must all work together. None of the fights are hard and the only difficult job is trapsmithing (knowing where to stand especially on a non-evasion arti). But doing it on Epic will teach you a lot more about the raid as there is less splitting of the party and less AFKing. Just take a few mana pots as it is very shrine-starved.

    Likewise I recommend LOB learning is done on Hard. The death penalty is a very important mechanic to have experience with before running the raid on Epic, and there is almost no other difference in the raid.
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    Thumbs up

    Awesome work Sith!
    It's really nice to see someone helping those in need of knowledge.
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    U are really a true mentor to this new kids from the block. Every time if me and Knessa see your learn raid group and u need a rog and a bard we will help u to learn them a few tricks. o7
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    Name of your toon : Altrop
    Class : Wizard
    Id like to learn them if possible

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    Name of your toon : Viggy
    Class : Fighter
    I also have a 18/2 FVS that I could play as well.

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