I have pretty high UMD (with GH and shippy i can hit 47 now, soon will get a bit higher if I can finish cha skill item). And I would love to carry around some high UMD stuff like silver scrolls and such like for when there is no arti around. I used a couple for the first time last night on elite VoD , and it came in very useful for the barb I used them on.

I ask you to drop them on AH cheap, because the person most likely to benefit is YOU
I don't use them on myself, because 1. I have BBs (thank you Vanshilar) , and 2. I can only self buff a single wep at a time because I need to hold the scroll too hehe.

I found some for 1500 plat, that's OK. No higher though please, lower even better, if it's not too much trouble.

Or just send them to Adrunil.