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    I think a nice compromise to having a bank inside the Cove would be to move a branch to the docks of the Harbor.
    Less of a run to get to your bank then.

    For sure a button (or a check box) to trade in all of the maps at once would be a great benefit to these tiring fingers.

    Truly it would be a benefit to trade the excess gold down to silver or copper would be wonderful.
    Even at outrageous trade amounts.
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    A 2 birds, 1 stone solution: Allow players to use gold doubloons to bribe the kobold workforce to work directly for us. The game mechanic is that you can trade Gold Doubloons to increase the dragonshard collection cap. Just make it where the cost grows exponentially. This will give us a good use for the Gold Doubloons and help put an end to the wait around for 7 minutes runs.
    Things that if Turbine went all EXTREME PREJUDICE™ on, would actually make the game fun again.:
    • Giving us the racial PrE’s we were promised, before rolling out DDOStore™ Enhancement Trees.
    • One loot system to rule them all. (Including Cannith Crafting, and Named Loot.)
    • Fixing the Cannith Challenges so that they can be 6 starred without incredible luck or store bought items.
    • Adjusting Challenge XP so that they're worth running more than once.

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    Extend this new lockout timer to 18 minutes: No. The lockout timer was added deliberately, and is working as intended. Plus, it is not so terrible that you cannot plan for it and get all of your party into the instance as long as care is taken and you communicate properly.

    I agree the timer should not change.

    On the request for a bank: No bank. Smuggler's Rest is a pirate retreat. There is not likely going to be anyone from House Kundarak willing to set up shop here. I understand that it is convenient for those that are packing alts with twink gear and Air Elemental Gems. But, convenience is not really the goal or focus for this event. *shrug* Sorry.

    >I cannot disagree more strongly with your position here. From a game perspective, House Kundarak is willing to do just about anything with just about anyone. As a banker, you go where the money is. From a non-thematic perspective, they are not REALLY bankers, but tools for players to use to help manage inventory. Not having one in the cove is a mistake, and I find this reasoning entirely counter to good game design, on this issue. (and I mean that without a hint of personal attack)<

    On the request for an airship spire: No airship spire. Again, Smuggler's Rest is not going to be the thoroughfare of activity, trade, and transport that the Stormreach Marketplace is. Heck, Euphonia won't even take you on a boat ride without a bunch of pieces of map. Just pop your House P clickie, and make a run for it like everyone else. Or, make use of Guildship Becons that are available in the DDO Store if you don't want to run.

    I suspect the lack of airship travel to a temporary event would cause more problems than it is worth, so I agree with you here.
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    Put some renown rewards in CC! My guild lost half of a level in the first 2 days of the last CC event. I dread every time CC gets turned on because i know the guild renown will tank and the lag will be horrific.

    The OP's ideas are good too.

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    Agree with:

    level specific instances of the wilderness area
    Turn in all map pieces at once
    Exchange for dubloons (trade coppers for gold/silver trade gold for copper/silver trade silver for copper/gold) and being able to do so reduces the number you get in a drop
    Chests with cove specific items for rares (chests drop in the middle area so you dont have to hunt them down)
    Ending the onslaught of spawns when you complete early
    Auto finish out for completing early
    The ability to raise dead kobolds
    Renown rewards

    Off the beaten path total wishful thinking items

    A purple gem compass that helps you locate the greatest concentration of purples( should be a store item like other cove stuff)
    Cove specific weapons since most of the cove creatures are immune to EVERYTHING(please- no lists of what they are not immune to)
    A way to add the phrases the kobold's speak to the kobold pets
    A kobold who says he talked to your pet and likes you now

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