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    Default Free Cannith Crafting Services and Trade List

    As a general rule, I don't monitor responses to this thread, so please PM questions or offers.

    Cannith Crafting services: My levels are 150/150/150. This is currently enough to craft any unbound shard with 100% success. I am more than happy to craft anything you need if you provide all raw materials.
    • You can request crafting by mailing materials to Thalone with the shard request in the text body. Tip: you can stick the essences in a small ingredient bag and mail the bag. Make sure to attach Khyber/Siberys shards (as well as applicable collectible materials in a separate message).
    • Sending stuff through the mail is at your own risk. Alternatively, you can forum PM me and we can figure out a convenient time to meet.
    • Alternatively to the alternative, if you happen to catch me free in-game, don't hesitate to send a tell to request a shard, but please make a reference to this forum post. Otherwise I'll assume you're one of those people who spam random group/guild/"give me plats pls" requests to everyone in sight and ignore you.
    • Exact change only please. If you don't mail me enough materials, I will just mail them back without crafting. If you don't trust the mail system, forum PM me and we can figure out a time to meet and use the trade window instead.


    Approximate conversion rates: 500 TP = 1 FRDS = 2 LDS = 4 LSS = 4 LS.

    My current wants, in descending order of preference:
    • TP point codes... TP point code trading procedure:
      • Please give me a list of your likely alts when you make an offer.
      • Should the offer be acceptable, I will keep an eye out for you in-game. I'll send you a tell asking if you're ready to trade and we'll find some place to meet.
      • I'll invite you into a party, open a trade, and put my items in for inspection. You'll confirm the items are satisfactory by hitting "accept" and then putting the TP code into party chat (not a public channel ).
      • I'll confirm your code works and then hit "accept" on my end.
      • If I have run extensively with you in-game or have traded codes with you before, I'd be happy to waive the "you-first" rule, but please make sure to ask if this is OK ahead of time. If you're a level 1, totally anon account, I'm not going to trust you unless I know and confirm a reputable alt.
      • I will video capture the entire exchange.
    • Flametouched, silver handwraps. Absolutely no guild slots please.
    • Shroud larges (scales, stones, shrapnels only, please).
    • 1 million plat.

    Stuff I have for trade:
    • Shroud larges. Current stock is 45 or more of each, including 70 LDS.
    • Seven FRDS.
    • 2.5 million plat.
    • Rougly 5000 greater essences.
    • +3 STR, CHA tomes; lots of +2 tomes.
    • Medium guild slot crafting fodder:
      • +2 Seeker +8 Handwraps of Pure Good
      • Docent, Full Plate
      • Heavy Steel Shield
      • Mace, Morningstar, Kama, Longbow
      • Gloves, Cloak x3
      • Goggles, Necklace x2, Ring
    • Large guild slot crafting fodder:
      • +1 Holy Repeating Light Crossbow of Precision
      • Falchion
      • Docent x2, Hide Armour, Full Plate, Outfit x2
      • Steel Buckler, Heavy Steel Shield (1 point permanent damage)
      • Bracers, Necklace x2, Ring, Goggles
      • Helmet, Gloves, Cloak x2
    • Weapons:
      • Fell Rapier of Ice x2
      • Stave of the Seer x2
      • Witching Hour
      • Maul of Malice
      • Ancient Vulkoorim Dagger
    • Armour:
      • Carved Bone Shield
      • Docent of Corpsecraft
      • Jinx's Vexation
      • Tourney Armor

    • Accessories:
      • Cloak of Ice
      • Guardian of the Liturgy
      • Desecrated Leathers
      • Ash Boots
      • Hyena Claw Necklace
      • Cape of the Roc
      • Belt of Thoughtful Remembrance
      • The Bloodstone
      • Ring of Spell Storing x2
      • Helm of Freewill
      • Ring of Baphomet
    • Epic scrolls:
      Erm, people still do sands scrolls?

      Brimstone Verge x1
      Full Plate of the Ringleader x1
      Grim's Bracelet x1

      Chimera's Crown x1
      Jidz-Tet'ka x2

      Boots of the Mire x4
      Cacophonic Verge x5
      Elder's Cap x1
      Elder's Focus x1
      Frozen Plate x4
      Greatclub of the Scrag x1
      Necklace of Venom x2
      Raven's Sight x1
      Raven's Talons x5
      Ring of the Mire x2
      Ring of Venom x1
      Robe of Dissonance x6
      Sacred Band x2
      Sacred Helm x2
      Shaman's Band x1
      Shaman's Beads x1
      Shatterbow x8
      Siren's Belt x4
      Siren's Charm x7
      Souleater x3
      Twisted Talisman x1

      Kundarak Warding Shield x1

      Hellfire Crossbow x1
      Hellstroke Greataxe x1
      Infested Armor x3
      Staff of Nat Gan x1
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