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    My suggestion is that every time the the salt guard procs and kills a living humanoid enemy, that enemy drops beef jerky or some other dried meat product.


    In all seriousness, mixing logic and magic is a bad idea. Next we'll have barbarians bashing chests open with their heads, wizards dispelling magical traps and using disintegrate to destroy mechanical ones, or all piercing weapons having the "puncturing" property innately. By bringing order, you invite chaos. ;D

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    Can also be crafted on greensteel.
    But nobody does. You lose more damage by not being able to take Holy than you gain from the Corrosive Salt proc.

    Even the weapons which have the proc and don't require a sacrifice are seldomly used...and are pointless in a group, since the procs overwrite each other resulting is a significant loss in total damage output.

    Most players look for ways to remove weapons from their inventory, not add more. The list of enemies that the OP wants Corrosive Salt to do more damage against are either rare (Water Ellies, Ice Mephits), or completely unthreatening (Oozes), or both (Oozes, since they basically never appear past level 12 which is the earliest you could get this proc, and the Cubes that actually -do- show up are not monsters you want to melee with any weapon). In comparison, the list of creatures he wants to be immune or take heavily reduced damage are FAR more common, or much more dangerous.

    Take an already seldomly used weapon effect and make it notably worse with no real upside. Great plan. Really.
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