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Thread: New PvP System

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyson View Post
    Are you a Dev? No, because some day they MIGHT improve PvP. Also, Cordovan said specifically in THIS quote:

    "We offer a PvP section of the forum to allow players to discuss the various aspects of PvP they enjoy (or don't enjoy.)
    Noone is harassing you. Im glad you like pvp. And I'm all for your right talk about improvements to pvp. However -- we equally have the right to discuss what we DONT like about pvp, including the OPs idea.

    PvP in a tavern is fine. As long as it stays IN the tavern or instanced the way it is now. I dont want to see ANY further dev time wasted on "improving" pvp. I do not feel Turbine has the resources to do it, and I dont feel this is the right game or engine to explore more choices. Its simply my opinion. I watched Neverwinter build in PvP, after the fact. I was there in alpha. I had to deal with all the attitudes as a volunteer forum moderator. My feeling, is Turbine doesnt need the aggravation. It would be exploited into oblivion, destroy the PvE experience for many, and I feel Turbine would definitely lose money on the effort.

    Anyways, this isnt a swipe on you, it's what I believe would be the end result. Other opinions are out there that are just as valuable as mine, including yours. Good luck !

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeslieWest_GuitarGod View Post
    That's called a different world. That's never going to happen. Turbine barely has (many would say does not have) enough time to create content in the game as it is. Adding a new world (if its even possible to with current tech -- dare I say LAG) would require more staff at the very minimum (there've been three layoffs in barely over a year). There is no money to hire more staff, especially to work on something as unpopular as PvP.

    Content would DECREASE as resources would be pulled from the current devs creating PvE content.

    PvP is staying and should be staying exactly as it is. Tavern combat. Period. That's what it was meant to be... and that's exactly what it is. Its not designed to compete with other PvP oriented games. DDO PvP will always suck in the PvP world. The more they built it... the less balanced, the more bugged, the more exploited DDO would become. I respect the fact some REALLY REALLY want open world PvP in DDO, it's just not realistic, and it's just not going to happen.
    We get it, you hate PvP in DDO. This is not useful for the discussion at hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neomarica View Post
    We get it, you hate PvP in DDO. This is not useful for the discussion at hand.
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