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Marked Come out and Slay as "Heavily Affected". Did you see any others in the Sharn chain that were like that, like possibly Bookbinder's Rescue?
Sorry, I missed your response until now. Yes, bookbinders was a mess as well. Tried going through the upper entrance and nearly wiped. Seemed the entire floor came at us at once.

Similar mechanics going through the lower one, but less mobs. Not as many pick up you are there when using the front door. I'd imagine that stealth is borked completely for the moment. My wizard has decent hide/move silently. I thought it was me flubbing it in other quests running solo. I don't believe that's the case after running that chain.

I can't imagine what Bastion, The Sane Asylum, A New Invasion, Rainbow in the Dark look like atm. Likely headache inducing...