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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyxianne View Post

    So stop getting angry at gms and dms for doing their job, like any other customer service rep they are acting within the parameters of what they can - or in this case can't- do.

    That said, submit a bug report, I feel for ya, you should get your lootz that you worked hard for!
    To be fair GM's can be empowered.. they used to have the power to help people, now all we see are autoclose ticekts and fillout a bug report.

    This particular bug was been bug reported to death last year.
    It is back again this year with still no resolution, and certainly no stack of Green dragonshards in my mailbox with an apology for all the completed no shard drop runs or replacement compasses.
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    Ugh, I thought they fixed that bug. I'm glad I solo the stuff.

    I have to agree with others that say when it is outside the GM's hands it is outside the GM's hands, they can only do what they are allowed to do. Generally I have had nothing but good experiences with them, but it is pretty rare that I call them for an issue.

    I agree. I 'usually' solo, so I tend to have good experiences with them as well. Usually, when I'm in a group & have an issue, it's usually a good experience too, when they are needed.
    It just sucks when there's an issue such as this and they are pretty quick to passing it off to a way of correcting the issue that will take too long for them to even do anything viable. And what makes it worse is how blatant they are about it, rather than bother to assist in any way to explain why.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fTdOmen View Post
    if you say so, I've had responses from GM's within 2 minutes to respawn a mob, generate shrines, spawn a chest. Heck i've even discussed TR's with one.

    GM's can be quite good in this game, the trick is knowing what they can do, and being able to clearly explain what you require of them.
    I have also had both the "bug report it idc" type and the helpful one thats actually dedicated to solve issues. I guess the "trick" is simply to be lucky enough to get one of the latter type...

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    Personally I never call GMs any more and I honestly find bugs far less frustrating. Something bugs out, you recall and either run it again or do something else if you're too frustrated.

    When I call a GM I just sit around and stew getting more and more frustrated, and when they do show up and can inevitably do nothing to help I'm to fired up to do anything but ragequit and fume for the next day.

    Games have bugs, it sucks, move on. Calling a GM doesn't meet any rational cost-benefit test.
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    On the bug issue...if the person is in the process of dcing while the time runs out, then you get nothing. If they reconnect in time, you get everything.

    One solution to allow everyone but the person who is dcing to get shards is if you see you are going to dc, just quit the game, don't wait for it to kick you out. I KNOW THIS WORKS as I was dcing and instantly clicked quit. When I relogged, I was 7 sec short of getting in on time, but the rest of my group got their stuff. When I have dc'd but also got back in time, everyone also got all shards and xp.

    Just a thought to those that your teammates out and just quit and then relog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOTMON View Post
    To be fair GM's can be empowered.. they used to have the power to help people, now all we see are autoclose ticekts and fillout a bug report.

    There was a time when a GM would, respawn a mob, drop a quest related item in inventory or at your feet, reset a boss... The game has changed however and most likely due the f2p/TP design.

    Suspiciously I sometimes wonder if many GMs watch an' wait until the player gives up... before acknowledging, responding and closing a ticket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djdevils911 View Post
    GM's of DDO have cleared entire Inventory Packs & Bank Accounts within Game due to the 'Plat Farmers' & people who have 'Scammed Accounts'. I have seen this happen quite a few times with Guilds I have either been in or been good friends with.
    So... You're saying that you are 'good friends' with quite a few plat farmers and scam artists, saying that people should go out of their way to understand your messages and calling them 'trolls' when they won't, and then complaining that the GMs won't help you?

    Or am I misunderstanding something?
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    Have now had 3 second run Cove runs that have shafted us of shards and no one was dc'ing in the process. The quest just ends successfully and you get no shards. A total waste of 20 mins for a completion for nothing, 3 times in a day. I find myself more and more everyday not wanting to renew my VIP because every day there is some new **** that makes my experience unenjoyable. You have lots of issues Turbine and people are not getting happier about them, in case you haven't noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galeria View Post

    ..I always fail at 3.b

    Quote Originally Posted by FrostBeard View Post
    besides the evil blue text, he/she has a good point.

    GM's in this game do nothing except spam you with pre-generated response messages.
    Quote Originally Posted by MRMechMan View Post
    I don't bother with GMs anymore. I have given up all hope at ever having a positive experience with them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto-Helix View Post
    You have lots of issues Turbine and people are not getting happier about them, in case you haven't noticed.
    I'd comment in length, but you all already know what I'd say quite well. And, other than forum staff becoming more responsive and polite, we've had little return on our constant reiterations.
    So I'll just say...


    Quote Originally Posted by djdevils911 View Post
    Thank you. After you mentioned this, I remember it vaguely from last time around. I am making sure that the Guild all knows this matter of fact as well. Sorry about the blue, maybe it's my settings, but I read it fine. Sorry to the rest of you that could not.
    As pretty as that new blue is, it still burns. Read Galeria's linked thread, please, and work out from there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraphim View Post
    Fly? That would break every quest in the game. You would see folks falling from the sky in Korthos and dying. It would be a rain of newbs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dandonk View Post
    Yeah. It's not "we nuked the city from orbit", it's "the city experienced a brief population drop". Check.

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