As has been said many times in the PVP responses by people dumping on most PVP suggestions.....we (those forum users not in favour of PVP) speak out against PVP for a few reasons:
  1. we don't want valuable development time on an aspect of the game we do not favour - yes this is self serving, but our attraction to DDO is in part its lack of PVP focus
  2. we worry that the game may get rebalanced for PVP to the detriment of the game we enjoy in its current form
  3. we find most of the suggestions are about balancing PVP to help the build of the OP in any particular case and the suggestions normally lean to nerfing other builds abilities. This goes back to point 2 above.
  4. many of us feel the game would be better without the PVP pits at all.

So handcuffing us from providing a dissenting opinion that expresses not only our dislike of a particular idea but also of any of the points above because they are 'not on topic' feels like Turbine is tacitly agreeing with the PVPers that there should be resources allocated to PVP.

I hope that isn't the case, but providing a venue for the discussion and then ignoring the venue doesn't seem to be a good social media tactic for an organization. Thus we can only imply that you are listening, and god forbid taking action that could irreparably harm the game the rest of us love to potentially get a few more new players for that PVP niche.

DDO doesn't have to be everything to everyone....PVP can be one of the things DDO never does.

Respectfully yours,