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    Arrow Level 67 guild on Orien server

    Reasons to not join Blood Bath and Beyond.
    #1 for ship buffs only and never run with guild.
    #2 to beg for plat, guest passes
    #3 if you do not want to run epics
    #4 if you do not want to raid
    #5 if you cannot be a team player
    #6 if you are the type that suppresses feelings and ends up rage quitting instead of talking to an officer or guild leader about problems you are dealing with.
    #7 if you are the type who is too good to ask for help
    #8 if you are always getting help but never helping guild in return.
    #9 if you are disrespectful to others
    Reasons to join Blood Bath and Beyond
    #1 we have some of the best most experienced players on the orien server who are willing to share their knowledge with guild members.
    #2 we have an awesome guild name
    #3 we help each other out in the time of need.
    #4 guild crafters can make you items as long as you supply the materials
    #5 friendly environment
    #6 one of the best guild websites on server full of puzzle solvers practice puzzle leveling guide funny videos if your bored ect ect..
    #7 because you want to be in a great guild that is successful.
    #8 because you want to join a guild that does not need to wait on pugs to fill for epics or raids.
    #9 because you want to grow as a player and become better
    #10 because you are a leader who is willing to also follow (all blood bath and beyond members should be able to lead).
    massivheals / massivsponge - Orien server
    Member of Blood bath and Beyond
    Guild webpage-

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    Default nice guild name

    Love the guild name I am f2p just downloaded game I don't know if you are interested in a newb like me but if you are send me a private message please. Look forward to hearing from you even if your answer is no.

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    lake charles

    Default +1

    +1 to guild name

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    Have room for a WF FvS "Healbot" and an Enchanter Archmage?
    Quote Originally Posted by FrancisP.Fancypants View Post
    The best PVP in this game happens in the forums. Usually when someone brings up the need for more PVP.

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    do ya'll accept ftp players?

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    I just wanted to ask if I can join your guild^^ I am an active player for baout 1 1/2 years. Sadly I never reached the 20s :/ Thats because I am f2p. But with the few TP earned through game and the Pre-purchase of the Underdark I now have access to nearly all the high level stuff. Escpecially mentioned things like devils of shavarrath or the shroud and stuff like that.
    I am currently in my own Guild lead by me and two friends. We never recruited more players, but we were playing good as a team. What most groups do with 6 players, we have done with 3 players, because we know the style of play and we can trust each other. The problem I face right now is that my friends havent purchased any high level stuff and cant really get beyond lvl 15 without extreme grinding :| so they stopped playing. As you see I am all alone in my Guild and need a new one that I can trust and I can play with
    This looks and sounds kinda great. I am willing to learn the Raids and Quests, because I never played the higher raids and Quest.
    Infos about myself: I am a LVL 13 Arti/ Lvl 2 Rogue called Mohuk with decent Trapping abilities (enough for the Quests on LVL 14 or 15) and a nice Damage output. I think I am a great addition to your guild and would appreciate if you give me a chance to show my value

    I hope everything was understandable^^ I am german, but I think my english skills are enough to communicate and play with you :P



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    Really? While my Household has only been a member for a short time, we have never seen any disrespect. The people whom I have met in this guild, I cannot imagine doing this. Perhaps it was "before my time" here, but everyone has been very respectful to me.

    I was very nervous to join, as I am NOT an uber-leet type player ( takes time, ya know ). I would be a prime target for disrespect as I learn and grind my gear out. Compared to my guildies, I'm just a scmuck at leveling I've had nothing but positive experiences so far, and appreciate all the guild has done for us

    All the math your brain can handle concerning Divine Punishment

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