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    Default Mob detection issues

    I just ran an epic Claw of Vulkoor on my rogue (had Heystack with me for the first fight) and i noticed two cases of very odd mob behavior.

    Right after i stepped in and talked to the drow lady i got attacked by one of the two fire giant door guards.

    He seems to have spotted me at the entrance from all the way back there.

    The other giant was agroed too, but the barrier went up before he could make it to me too.

    At the end of the quest, after opening the hidden door in the tomb, i got attacked immediately by the last guardian and the healing scorpion.

    Usually they sit a good distance from that door, around a corner, so there is no way they could've seen me approach.

    I did not have a pet or summon up at any time (i know they can agro mobs from a distance).

    Did anyone notice similar things?

    I sent in a bug report.

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    I'm noticing it on Korthos and in the Harbor as well......running some new lowbies.

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    In Taming the Flames I had some of the mephits rush out, attack me, and get killed before the flame barrier went up that needs them to be killed to bring down. Luckily there's a timer on the barriers too, apparently, or I would still be trapped in there and need someone in a bar to ask people to save me.
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    Yup, I've encountered the same thing.

    I was running a lowbie in Shan To Kor and the door to Hetman Shaagh's chamber was still closed. And yet, everything in Shaagh's chamber had aggroed on me, and one of the casters was spamming Hold Person on me before I even got close to it.

    Also, both mob aggro and kobold pathing in the Labor Shortage challenge are borked. Kobolds run off in random directions ignoring torches again, and mobs aggro from 5 rooms away.

    It seems like the "new physics" needs lots of work.
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