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    Default Can't decide on second GS item

    My main already has her gs weapons, a smoke cloak, a cleanser, and plenty of ingredients. I just can't decide what to make next. She's got several non-rogue lives ahead. So far she's got 2 rogue lives and is working through her arti life. Next life (4) is probably barbarian just to get it over with.

    Whatever item I make doesn't have to be part of her final life rogue gear, but it would be nice if it was.

    For her melee lives she'll probably wear her Tharnes set.

    She may do ToD runs from time to time but I consider the boot slot open most of the time. Most of the time she'll TR quickly, but she'll probably stay 20 for a bit on her divine lives and maybe bard life.

    I'm leaning toward the classic casterish gs helm.


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    What is on your smoke item? HP?

    I suggest CHR Skills and 150 SP Haste Guard.

    As far as what slot to put it in...I would have to see your whole gear layout to know. I put mine on my Boots...and then of course ToD came out...
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    the item slots r precius ... toons without blue bars have no reason at all to use 2 gs items since so many better epic items,sets,challenge items can be put on ...imo 1 good double shard hp item on a melee your ings for weapons or some other toon and focus on getting other gear for this 1 ...3 item abi set maybe or wateva is good for your build ...

    On scnd thought u can always make a +6 cha skills item for umd as a swap item ...but thats about it
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    Helm - Minos
    Goggles - Tharnes
    Necklace - situational but unnamed
    Bracers - Tharnes
    Gloves - cannith str 7
    Belt - one of a couple of amrath once I can wear them, normally the acrobat one
    Cloak - smoke
    Boots - situational but normally strikers or dex
    Rings - stats or whatever

    Radiance rapier
    Lit II rapier
    Envenomed blade unupgraded
    Midnight greetings and epic midnight greetings

    Armor, 3 sets of situational dt robes

    But epic gear doesn't matter much. I'm trying to pick gs for the repeated cycles of 13 to 20 tht I'll be doing the next year plus. Gotta do almost all the classes.

    Charisma skills dagger might be useful. Other ideas.

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