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    Default Returning player

    I'm a returning player who started off close to launch in 06 and probably got burned out and unsubbed by the last quarter of 07. MoTU piqued my interest and I wanted to see if it would be worthwhile picking it up.

    When I logged in again recently, I was given the choice of picking 4 characters out of the 11 I previously had. So I picked 4, not really remembering which ones I used to play most. Most of the 11 were maxed out favor/xp.

    My first question is, how do I create a new character? I have forgotten a lot and don't want to be a burden to pugs, so I would like to relearn with a new character first. I would prefer to stay on the same server and see if I can find any of the people I used to group with.

    My second question is according to

    Played in Beta 250
    Used DDO Store in Beta 250
    Subscriber on July 31st 999
    VIP & Played Less Than 1 Year 400
    or VIP & Played 1 - 2 Years 900
    or VIP & Played 2+ Years 1,500
    Max Points Possible 2,999

    am I entitled to 900 turbine points?

    Third question is, do I get any points at all for favor earned before? How can I get new points if most of my characters were maxed on favor already before? Might be difficult if I have to run new high level adventures especially since I'm basically back to zero in knowledge of the game at the moment. I've tried creating some new characters on different servers, but I would prefer staying in my original server.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    If you have a total of 11 characters on one server, but only 4 character slots, you will not be able to create a new character until there is an open character slot.

    Now, if you delete a character, another character will fill the character slot. If you purchase character slots in the DDO Store, a character that already exists will take the new spot. Also , VIP will give you a base of 10 character slots, plus whatever you buy in the Store, but again existing characters will fill in those spots.

    So, basically, you will have to clear out enough characters, or purchase enough character slots, to start to be able to create new characters on that particular server.

    For the Turbine Points, I believe you had to have a an active subscription during the transition to the Free to Play model. I don't think you would be eligible for the VIP rewards given out at that time.

    Also, any Favor earned before we went to Free to Play did not get any Turbine Points with that. There is still plenty of new Favor to earn in the game since 2007, but anything before the Free to Play launch will not have granted you points.
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