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    Default Changing Account Details Problems


    So I have a new CC and want to change my details from the old defunct CC before my current VIP sub is up. I logged into my account portal to try change the details and it doesn't want to know about it at all. I've tried a few times, with the most recent being an hour ago. Is the only way to do it seriously the submitting a ticket way only?

    Any feedback is appreciated.


    PS - please don't ask me to phone, I'm in South Africa and it's not cheap to phone.

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    Did you try the online turbine support site?
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    I recently had problems with updating account info, wrote a ticket. A few days later got an email saying I needed to call tech support.

    Im afraid you might have to call them. They manually update your info or whatever you need in seconds, but then again, if you cant call them, you might have an issue here. :/
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    For changing a credit card, we do ask that you call Account Management directly as its really the most secure way of giving credit card information. However, if you submit a ticket to them, ask if there is any other way that you can send the information securely.

    Don't send your credit card information by email though, as that is not a secure way to send sensitive information like credit card information.
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