I just found out that the "green" forum style doesn't have an "answer to topic" button and it doesn't have any "create new topic" button, either.

There are mere links - so sall that I overlooked them and was about to report the lack of any possibility to answer to a topic as a bug.

Please - I don't believe it would be too much work to use the mentioned buttons from the default forum style, colour them accordingly (I suspect that the other forum styles don't have these buttons, either), and place them into the correct place.

Another suggestion is a copy of the defauilt style - merely with the link font colour changed into white. Or another light colour. Please. It's so hard to read a dark red font on a black "canvas" = background.

During the evenings and the night it doesn't matter much to have dark red on black, but during a sunlit day it is imho enormously difficult to read. I always need to get close to he screen in order to read dark red on black fonts of the forum links. Sometimes even my eyes begin to ache.

I tried to use the "Green" forums style instead, but it doesn't have the above mentioned buttons, which makes its use less than optimal.