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    Default Briee's final life plan

    Hey all - some of you know me some of you dont. I play Briee who has currently just completed her final pass through life. I am 3xftr/pallie/monk and have just started rolling out for my final life which will be 20 monk.

    I currently am lvl 8 and I do have 1 lvl of rogue for juicy trap bonuses (boni), and will be removing the rogue lvl when I hit 20.

    My plan for this life is to try and hit every single quest in the game on leet at level. So far I have done up to the lvl 5 quests on leet, and unfortunately I missed 2 of the lvl 5s in 3BC due to lack of interest. Along with some seriously good points as to why I should avoid those 2 quests in particular.

    Well I took lvl 8 and logged off without touching any of the 6s yet.

    Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to join me as I progress. I will always ask my guildies first to join me but I generally have a few spots open. I wont be farming, if I can help it, and I wont be looking to do this all on my own.

    If you are looking to do something out of the ordinary instead of running Von3 and Shadow Crypt 10x when you see me on and advertising feel free to join me. Im looking to have fun and you should be too!

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    Panmorgan (Archmage) and Pangrael (AA) are lvl 9 (first lives). I think I've run with you a few times in the past. Let me know if you need help.
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