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    Default Challenge Mats from Supply Chests

    Just a thought to update the Supply Chests treasure table with challenge mats.

    Perhaps if that roll comes up you gain 10*(Level of Supply Chests) or something like that. [Note I'd like to make it so that if a level 20 opens a level 5 chest they would be penalized but I'm not sure how to construct that in mathematical terms. Perhaps it wouldn't even be needed.]

    Certain challenges have many chests but are long and yield a poor material:minute ratio. Might this mitigate that somewhat?

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    Rolling D100 on opening of supply chest.

    If result <11 (10 or lower), roll 5d3 times chest level.
    If result <21 but >10 (11-20), roll 3d3 times chest level.
    If result >20, no materials awarded.

    This is in addition to anything else.

    That's how I would set it up, and /signed on the OP's original idea.
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