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    Default Mortal Voyage Live Streaming site

    I recently put up a live streaming site that will stream Mortal Voyage Permadeath guild quests on occasion. The "Official" first Live streaming event will be Thursday at 9:30pm EDT. We will be doing "Tear of Dhakaan" on Elite difficulty. which by our ruleset means Max. level of toons will be 9th level. I thought Tear would be a good starting point for our streaming and gradually stream tougher quests as we continue with the events.
    well here is the link if anybody would like to check it out, or just view our awesome Mortal voyage promo videos lol

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    We need to credit the good folks at Sublime Permadeath Guild for the idea of streaming. It's a great way for folks outside PD circles to get a glimpse under the curtain. Big thanks to Emp (MV stream guy) for setting this up. In the future Emp plans more interesting runs like Spies in the House, Xorian, and VoN III.
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    Default streaming

    Ok I watched last night for about 30 min. Although overall the connection was choppy and the graphics fuzzy I got a good sense of what team play in permadeath is all about. It was a treat to watch a rogue scout and communicate to fellow party members, he rarely entered combat and let the others in party fill their role. All in all a good job.

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