I'm also a bit late to this thread, but I'd like to chime in. For me, I almost always play a Paladin and have been for over 6 years now, and here are my thoughts:

-Clickies are great! That's a big reason I like playing a Paladin. If I had to just hold down the attack button I would have quit DDO a long time ago.

-I like having a small number of combat clickies that I have to decide when to use them. For example, when to time an exhalted smite, divine sacrifice, or intimidate. Or when and where to use glorious stand or lay on hands. However I only have so many hotkeys and such that I want to use, and too many gets too cumbersome.

-I hate pseudo combat clickies, which I consider are ones that last 1 minute (i.e. divine might and divine righteousness). I use them because they are really helpful, but having to remember to hit divine might once per minute is annoying. There's really no challenge in it other than to remember to do it. I'd rather this last longer so it's a proper short term buff like divine favor or zeal.