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    I've been going back and forth for about a week now on whether or not to recruit new people into our guild. Obviously I have decided that I would like some newer faces to raid with and group with.

    We are a very small guild, currently 4 on a good day and 3 more often than not, but we are about to hit 62 - can thank Elle for pretty much soloing it up to here for us. We are very closely tied to the channel PanthrosPack, but it is it's own separate entity. Currently we are focused on raiding and epics, but TRing is part of any real raiding build so we do try and help each other level when we can. Most of us are -5 hours GMT (US Central), one is 10 hours behind us so we do later raids when we can plan them ahead of time.

    I will not recruit people I have not run with a few times at least. The perk of a smaller guild is a lack of drama, we enjoy the environment being friendly and caring. This is something that won't be given up for any amount of renown.

    If you are someone who is interested in becoming part of The Obsidian Marquis, please send Verlichte/Peluche/Indolore some mail in game or a tell. I will check this thread as well, but I'm forgetful if nothing else.

    If you hate reading:

    The Obsidian Marquis
    Small guild
    Level 61
    Raiding oriented
    Sense of humor required, gear isn't
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