So its been 2 1/2 years now since I posted my first revision "Evoker" build. Time sure does fly doesn’t it? A Lot has changed in the game over that time, but the Evoker has stood up to all the challenges the game has presented. I often get questions in the original thread and PM's and how I would go about improving the Evoker. What I would do on a TR with it. What I feel would be the absolute best combination of past lives.

So if you are looking for a First life Character to play around with.. Or a FvS to TR into, Please visit the Original Evoker Build I will be doing an update to the spell list and Enhancements for that build as well.

This is a version of the Evoker for someone looking to do a lot more with the build.
9 Passive Past life feats and one Active Past life feat Shore up what the Evoker was lacking. Spell List has been altered a bit for a little more offense. A few key Raid and Epic items are assumed to hit some ability score marks.

With this build, I’m going with a completely new presentation. Will link to the Google Docs version and use some Images rather than the sea of text my builds usually are.

I’m also skipping some of the not so important breakdowns. We know Saves are going to be solid, BAB is meaningless, Skill points are arbitrary, but I would strongly recommend maxing Concentration and UMD on this build.

I opted to put the extra 4 build points into Constitution. This provides a few
extra hit points which is always a good thing. a true min/maxer could get away with
dumping STR and dropping CHR down to 12 for maxing CON as well. AS we look forward
to the expansion and more levels, extra CON is going to matter more and more.

Google Docs Open Link


TR Progression: Fvs>Wiz>SOrc>FvS>Wiz>Sorc>FvS>Wiz>Sorc>Fvs
Final Level Breakdown: 20 Favored Soul
Alignment: True Neutral

Enhancement: Favored Soul Ascendency: Sovereign Host
Enhancement: Unyielding Sovereignty (Favored Soul)
Enhancement: Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance II
Enhancement: Human Adaptability Wisdom I
Enhancement: Human Greater Adaptability Constitution I
Enhancement: Racial Toughness III
Enhancement: Favored Soul Prayer of Smiting I
Enhancement: Favored Soul Prayer of Life I
Enhancement: Favored Soul Prayer of Incredible Smiting I
Enhancement: Favored Soul Prayer of Incredible Life I
Enhancement: Favored Soul Smiting IV
Enhancement: Favored Soul Life Magic IV
Enhancement: Favored Soul Spell Penetration I
Enhancement: Favored Soul Energy of the Scion III
Enhancement: Favored Soul Charisma II
Enhancement: Favored Soul Wisdom II
Enhancement: Favored Soul Toughness III
Enhancement: Favored Soul Wand and Scroll Mastery III