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Thread: Ranger Help

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    did you already use your heart? if so then level 3 is not that big a deal - just don't put more points into it

    umd is good, but it takes a lot of gear to make it worth it if you don't have it as a class skill. (its worth the work trust me!)

    concentration is important if you want to blue bar, but can be dropped.

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    For skills UMD can unlock alignment based gear (such as pure good for beating a bosses damage reduction) around 20 umd, not too hard to achieve, as well as scrolls and wands for healing and buffing. As a ranger not all cure type wands will take a UMD check, mainly the first 2 cures.

    You will need balance, regardless of melee or ranged you will get tripped, hit with cometfall or some other thing to knock you down once in a while. Some check dex some check balance skill to put you back on your feet (and doing damage) quicker or to avoid the knockdown completely.

    Don't worry about the search, spot, and listen skills, you can get a true seeing item to get doors, then just let the rogue or arti worry about traps.

    The heal skill is pretty useless, its a small boost per point into it, you can just top up with a wand before or after a shrine and ignore this skill. With healers kits you can use the heal skill on an incapacitated ally, but then wands do this without taking an extra space (assuming you carry them anyway) and i believe are much faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phidius View Post
    The biggest problem with ranged combat is the seemingly unavoidable kiting. I seriously doubt that any ranged-combat-build does more ranged DPS than melee + the other 5 people in the group.

    We all have stories to tell about that Artificer who was pew-pew-pewing while kiting the mobs through their blade barrier, and then played the "Wow you guys were lucky I was here" card, right?
    It's just a habit, though. Tell people "stop doing that" enough and they will either stop doing it or stop grouping with you... either way problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinerd View Post
    It's just a habit, though. Tell people "stop doing that" enough and they will either stop doing it or stop grouping with you... either way problem solved.
    hehe this is so true. last year while playing WoW, i was the tank in a group with 2 of my pals. or maybe 3 of them and one of the pugs in the group was a mage. he kept drawing aggro before i did so i let him fight what he drew. he died, we continued killing the mobs then when all was said and done i took my Paladin over to his corpse and rezzed him, then said to him in chat "The next time you pull aggro before i get into combat, you can walk your ass back to the dungeon." He never pulled aggro again and we finished the dungeon with out any more stupidity. All one needs to do is tell the guy that does things like this, ie kiting away from tank etc.... that he needs to stop that which is stupid.

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