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Thread: Best DPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enoach View Post
    Too many people forget this factor... Sometimes the best way to get more DPS is for one to reduce their DPS to increase everyone else.
    Yeah i was wondering about this aspect but no one had mentioned it before. As i light monk i don't consider myself top DPS, good DPS yes and a party buffer. At least that was my impression, though technically this is a debuff which I understand to be more the role of the dark monk... Or i'm reading too much into this now. But anyway i'd be happy to boost the party DPS, at least sometimes if I can.

    Thanks for your reply, I want to really learn how this game works. With six 20s I'm starting to get an idea but i really want to get more in depth now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCow View Post
    In this specific situation, if you are the only person in the party using Blasting Chimes, then it will probably result in more overall damage against the portals for the party when you use them to bestow the Weaken Construct property (by using them in conjunction with the kamas). The sneak attack damage and critical damage from the party (for the 20% of the time it occurs) will likely outweigh the damage difference between you using kamas instead of handwraps.
    aye, hadn't considered that aspect.

    other 'while portal beating' reduce your Damage but increase others
    fire, light , fire finisher (walk of the sun) +2 dmg for every melee is nice but the fire is zero damage on portals.
    be sure to drop water , light , water SP buff on the casters (mainly wailer and healer)

    earth strikes add damage unlike the other elementals.

    I've tried but I don't think the shainto fort debuff works on portals.(need confirmation on this) probably not considered tainted.
    Move along , Nothing to see here

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