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    Default Smaller item tooltips

    This is a big pet peeve of mine. At some point the tooltip behavior for hotbars was changed but today I noticed a small inconsistency that I think, if implemented, would be preferrable to a lot more people.

    Pictures say a thousand words so here are two screenshots from the game (no UI settings changed from one to the other, see below)



    As you can see, HUGE difference between the two tooltips. The 'Small' version is what you see the first time you create a weapon set and hover over the hotbar. Once the weapon set is equipped, any subsequent hover shows the needlessly full and ugly tooltips.

    Please add an option in UI Settings for us to choose which we want

    Sometimes all we need is to differenciate icons, I know very well what the item itself is. Currently there is an option that shortens buff/effect description WITHIN the windows, but not the windows themselves

    PS: If someone knows how to get the small tooltip all the time, you would make my day

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    I'd like that too.

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