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    Default Preording and Greater Tome

    I understand that the first character on a server that uses the collector's edition pre-order ticket will get a greater tome. What if I do not currently have a character on a particular server? If I make my first character after pre-ordering, will that character get a greater tome? If a new server is added two years in the future, will the first character made on that server get a greater tome or just a lesser one?
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    all characters existing will get a token to redeem, as will all future characters you make.

    the first character to redeem that token gets the added bonuses, not the first character made. if you have 1 character right now, buy the expansion, create 9 more, level up the first 9 from one to twenty (or more likely seven to twenty), and then log in on the last one and only redeem your ticket after doing all that stuff in 5 years (assuming DDO is around then), then you will get the benefits of first character on that 10th character.

    the only thing that matters is which character is the first to redeem their pack on the server. it can be any character you have created (provided they still exist) or will create.

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