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    Default Epic XP

    Epic levels are on the horizon, and I have a suggestion.

    Let Epic XP system encourage (or require) characters do a range of quests.

    Please do not create a system that rewards repeating (the fastest/easiest) epic quest over and over.

    Make Epic XP more like favor currently works with a reward for doing as many quests as possible.

    Do not make it like the Heroic XP system with more xp/min for running certain quests (SC anyone?) over and over.

    I fear a Stormreach in which only a few of the epic quests ever get run.
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    OP, i totally see where you're coming from, but there's a major concern i have with this idea. If this were the epic system, then level 25 (cap) would require you to complete every single quest on epic. most people dont have every single epic pack, which is one reason why they arent all run. i feel like this would be a disturbing similarity to the "pay to win" concept which isnt entirely fair.

    Perhaps to avoid the problem introduced above, each level could be a checklist not exceeding more than 50% of the epic map packs required?

    Different groups meeting the same fulfillment for each epic level could be:

    standard: quests like bargain of blood or lords of dust, a really straight forward quest.

    defense: devil assault, for example, or that one in red fens, last stand.

    speed: time is of the essence! these include offering of blood, spinner of shadows

    intrigue: to be honest, i dont know how many quests there are like this past partycrashers, but that same idea.

    raid: these are scary enough where they should just get their own group. epic raids

    sorry there arent that many examples, just had to use quests that I knew would this fit your idea well enough? again, just dont want it to become pay to win.
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    Personally, I hate the diminishing returns philosophy of the xp system. If some TR is so goal-oriented that their enjoyment is contingent on running Information is Key at 937 xp/min 647 times until they can run Tomb of the Blighted 392 times.... let them. Who cares. I think it's tedious, and soul killing, but if that's someone's idea of fun, let them have their fun. Keep chest ransack so there's some semblance of an economy.

    Some people can't realize it's the journey, and not the destination.

    "Gutta get to cap as fast as possible!"
    "Ok, and then?"
    "Gutta get the bestamest gear for the build!"
    "Okay, and then?"
    "I'll be uber!"
    "And then?"
    "...uhh... I never touch this toon again and do it again?"

    This is Dungeons and Dragons, not Numbers and Ratios. Your idea that fast/easy is the reward is the problem. Epics at 25 aren't going to be fundamentally different than epics at 20.

    "...and then we play the game..." (could have been doing that the whole time, Mssr Dumas)

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