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edit: more snarky at any rate

no not snarky at all. The poll wont have any value and the results are going to be so off they will just show false info.

These are the 3 things the op says he wants to find out....

a. how many people actualy pvp in any way.
b. do people want it or not or dont care
c. what types of memberships are participating in the survey

A. Won't be able to tell, it will only show how many people, on the forums, who saw this either in PVP area or caught it on new posts, and who could be bothered to vote, felt. That leaves out a huge number of people who dont go on the forums, leaving out the ones that do but didnt see this thread for a min.

Without knowing what % of gamers use the forum we cant even try to equate the results.

B. See above.

C this one actually will show. Assuming that people only vote once (see my last post). Thats it though, he might as well have done a poll on "what type of account do you have"