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Thread: Lord of ooze!

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    Sorry, I did read "Lord of Booze" and it caught my eye. Time to move on...

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    Default Lord of Ooze

    Monkcher, one of two versions:

    1. Monkcher / Staff build Mnk12/rogue6/ftr2. Cleave/Great Cleave (possibly whirlwind as well) with ooze stave, and 10K stars zen archery ooze bow spam. It will be a medeocre build (although very fun to play), while you cleave/great cleave (whirlwind optional but expensive featwise, its doable though but you will take slight hit with bow power) every mob hit is a chance to sunder an ooze, and then your spam your 10K with a bow when off timer. Ooze galore for sure. I'm thinking of respecing my 25 monk staff build to this before I TR him again just to test it out.

    2. Monkcher / Dark monk SS build. Same concept as above but no cleave/great cleave (could still fit in whirlwind though) with sundering ooze short swords.

    I have wanted to make an ooze staff for my staff monk for a while, but can't really justify it. I was planning the only ooze thing i was going to make was an xbow for an arti project have planned but never get around to

    Quote Originally Posted by Zammied View Post
    To give the Khyber server ultimate pride Im going to use all the resouces ive currently got to craft as many sundering ooze GS weapons and armour pieces as i can, currently probably only 3 eventually ill have every slot filled with them though, keep in mind this will probably be a huge waste of GS mats and the character will not be very viable, but I have got a lot of them from scroll farming. Can anyone confirm that multiple ooze guard items stack?

    This will most likely be put on my LoB FvS or Monk, Post any good ides you may have came up with.

    Edit: On second thought ill roll an entirely new character for this, as ill need the ooze puppet spell and don't want to screw up my current wizard.

    Probably will be some variant of the Tukaw Build
    RTFM on Khyber

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    On my Shortsword build I've done a Helf 7 Monk / 13 rogue with the following feats:

    Paladin Dilly, Toughness, Weapon Finesse, TWF, ITWF, GTWF, Two Weapon Defense, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Improved Critical: Piercing, Opportunist, Crippling Strike.

    At level 21 I'll take Improved Sneak Attack, and don't know what to take at level 24, maybe just bulwark of defense to use with defensive fighting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xoowak View Post
    The best way to generate a stupid amount of oozes is Ooze bow + Manyshot + Improved Precise Shot.
    I disagree...Artificers can spam many more ooze using an Ooze repeater with Armor of Speed (This appears to increase the proc rate for some reason) and Endlsee fusilade when available.

    However, the puddings appear to have been nerfed...I'm seeing CR 7 today instead of the CR12 Oozes I am accustomed to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rahubby View Post
    However, the puddings appear to have been nerfed...I'm seeing CR 7 today instead of the CR12 Oozes I am accustomed to.
    Thanks for the tip, as Fawn is gaining her second druid past life,
    she might consider this someday, lol...

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    Originally Posted by rahubby
    However, the puddings appear to have been nerfed...I'm seeing CR 7 today instead of the CR12 Oozes I am accustomed to.

    just tested with a ooze staff and got 2 lvl 12 puddins so it seems fine to me.

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    The Lord of Ooze is Juiblex and it infuriates me that it's been reduced to a glorified mid-level rare in this game.

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