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    Default Untrainable Enhancements show in the Unavailable Enhancements at the Character Traine

    Hullo! This is my first time testing on Lammania. I used the Search Function and read the Bug Reporting "read this first" Thread so hopefully this will go smoothely

    1. On the Lammania test server I True Reincarnated my character from a Wizard into a Favored Soul.

    2. After receiving EXP and leveling up, I went to train my enhancements. When I clicked to "Show Unavailable Enhancements" I was seeing enhancements from the Wizard Class even though I was a pure Favored Soul and did not take the Active Wizard past life feat.

    3. Even though the Wizard Enhancements would show up as unavailable with prerequisites, they never showed up as trainable - always unavailable.

    4. The Only Wizard Enhancements that were on the list were the damage amplifications for different types of Spell Damage as well as the enhancements to increase the critical hit chances.

    5. This is only happening to me on Lammania. Have not tested it on a non-true reincarnated character.

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    My wf pally sees this on live (first lifer) o.O

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    I have seen this on live multiple times, not a new thing. Happens with my tr'd guy and my others.

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    Thanks for calling out the problem, and welcome to Lamannia!

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