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    I know this thread will get buried immediately from lack of drama, but I still want to say thanks to the five other players running gianthold quests late last night.

    No one freaked out over the odd mistake here and there, everyone seemed appropriately geared, experienced, prepared, and the quests were run both quickly and efficiently and everyone played well as a team.

    Psychobot, Californica, Vlaadtyr (SP?), Haayl (?) and others whom I can't remember the spelling, you brought a lot of fun to mid-level PUG wasteland that is Sarlona after 12AM PST. I'm glad I didn't give up and log off after I saw ZERO lfms for levels 12-15 (for about 10-15 minutes) because the group was a lot of fun.

    Hope to run with you all again sometime!

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    It's refreshing to hear good news about a PUG for a change. Thanks for sharing.

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    Sarlona's PUG scene is just chock full of gems - I don't PUG as much as I used to, but when I do PUG I get quality folk everytime. I can't remember the last time I encountered a PUGger worthy of a drama post.
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