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    Talking Shield and Helmet Cosmetics

    DDO introduced cosmetic armor kits to cover up some of the greatest yet butt-ugliest armors in the game (i.e. Cavalry Plate). Now, how about doing the same for shields and helmets?

    I love the Epic Swashbuckler on my lvl 20 pally tank, but it looks really silly! I'd love to be able to change the graphic to something a little nicer, perhaps a round, triangular, or even square shield that matches my armor kit? Maybe even something a little bigger? I mean, c'mon, a buckler on a tank?

    How about putting out matching helmet kits too? Not to mention that anytime you use "show helmet" it makes your hair disappear! What's up with that?

    How about it, Turbine? Show a little more cosmetic love?

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    There are cosmetic helmets already (I don't know howthey works).

    There are cosmetic shields, which can be only applied to couple weak low level shields.
    /signed on cosmetic shields kits

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    I'd buy shield kits.

    But, as is the case with armor kits, they should look different for different types of shields. Transforming buckler into a large shield by applying a cosmetic kit would be preposterous.

    I like the look of current shield kits - holding emblems of all the great houses of Stormreach. It would be great, if one could also put an emblem of his faith on the shield - silver flame, sovereign host, lord of blades ...
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    I've suggested a few times that their should be skins for Shields that should include the emblems of each House and the symbols of the Planes (found in Prison of the Planes).

    As for Cosmetic Helmets, they are sold already, but more would be nice. As hocky as it may look, I'd like to see a "tradiational" pointy wizards hat in the game, even as a skin.

    As for using the cosmetic Helmets, they are like potions with unlimited uses. In fact, I think they appear in the potion section of your inventory when you sort them by group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oradafu View Post
    I've suggested a few times that their should be skins for Shields that should include the emblems of each House and the symbols of the Planes (found in Prison of the Planes).
    I think for Phiarlan there ixists this already, or not ?

    But, personally, I find all of these "cosmetic kits" a bit expansive, in-game.
    And those which are low-priced I won't buy because they look too ugly for me.

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    /Signed. I would love both helmet and shield skins. The issue with most of the helmet skins in the game, and why they are so ugly, is that none of them match the armor that you're wearing.
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    shield kits for all houses and faith symbols would be great, maybe they could even add some special house effect to shield when user has the enough favor with right house.

    about the armor kits i would love to have a choice of less fancy and decorative kits, with maching helmet kits.

    another "simple" idea for this would be adding a shop item, sort of kit blank for both armors and helmets that when placed with item in stone change assumes its look. that can be used as regular kit, would give aditional way to customize your look without going into the fancy looks.
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