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Thread: Upgrading Bags

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    Default Upgrading Bags

    We keep getting burdened with additional ingredients each new update. At least throw us a bone to keep it all manageable too. So I propose to add the following recipes to the stone of change:
    • 3 Large Collectables Bags > 1 Huge Collectables Bag
    • 3 Large Ingredients Bags > 1 Huge Ingredients Bag
    • 3 Large Gem Bags > 1 Huge Gem Bag
    • 3 Huge Ingredients Bags > 1 Gargantuan Ingredients Bag

    Assuming Unbound would be undesirable by Turbine, the resulting bag should at least be BtA.

    As a bonus, this would also provide a solution for any currently bugged bags.

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    I like the idea
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    gets my approval also

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    here's hoping if it gets implemented no one transmutes their bag with stuff in it
    chances are they'll disappear
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    As this is largely a consequence of design decisions to continually burden our toons with more and more ingredients I think a useful manner of combatting this creep is in order.
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