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    Default Help to chose a melee build

    Hello all, im playing with sorcs and arts only, and now im thinking about make a good melee build, by good i mean = good dps, good surviability, some self suficiency and possibility to change to tankish with right gear... for that i was thinking that monks and paladins lvls will be necessary, maybe fighter or rogue too.. but i rly cant decide what to pick... as i said i only played casters and arts, so few or none experience in melee toons... so 12monk/6 pal/2 rogue? 12 monk/6 fighter/2 rogue.... i dunno... what you advice? can be even a pure toon.

    thx in advance

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    It is somewhat difficult to be good at all the things you want without TRing or grinding a lot of gear. However you might want to consider a Half-elf pure monk build with cleric dilly while you level up (and perhaps changing to rogue dilly at cap when you want full DPS).

    A pretty good guide is here:

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    Check out different Pally builds those fill most of your requirements easily. But probably
    need a couple of +2 tomes.

    Just search for Junks Guide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nahual View Post
    Check out different Pally builds those fill most of your requirements easily. But probably
    need a couple of +2 tomes.

    Just search for Junks Guide.
    Junt's Pally guide is here.
    It is a little on the old side but I think it is still ok for new, fairly pure builds.

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    thx for the replies, about pally it isnt rly necessary i think.. what i wanted to mean is pally = survivability, fighter = hp, dps, monk = saves, dps ... so i was thinking the 3 together each one taking care of the weakness of other... am i wrong? a good advice about a solid melee build? can be with 3, 2 or even 1 of them...

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    I personally like paladin(18)/rogue(2) for my survivability based melees.

    Well, assuming 32 pt build with access to +2 tomes, a paladin might be right up your alley. A ranger would also work, and is much less build point intensive.

    Human Paladin(18)/Rogue(2) Scimitar User
    Strength: 15
    Dexterity: 15
    Constitution: 14
    Intelligence: 8
    Wisdom: 8
    Charisma: 16

    Level ups into strength, +2 tome for all stats.

    Feats: 8(7 levels, 1 human)
    Level 1: Toughness
    Human Bonus: Power Attack
    Level 3: Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 6: Shield Mastery/Tower Shield Proficiency
    Level 9: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 12: Greater Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 15: Improved Critical: Slashing
    Level 18: Improved Sunder/Empower Healing/Hamstring

    Level order: Level 1 rogue, level 2-10 paladin, level 11 rogue, level 12-20 paladin.

    Skills: Use Magic Device should be maxed. Put any remaining rogue skills into balance, haggle, concentration, or anything really.

    Rogue Enhancements:
    Rogue Haste Boost I(1)
    Rogue Wand and Scroll Mastery I(1)
    Rogue Sneak Attack Training I(1)
    Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I(1)
    Total AP Spent: 4/80

    Paladin Enhancements:
    Paladin Toughness II(3)
    Follower of the Sovereign Host(2)
    Unyielding Sovereignty(4)
    Paladin Bulwark of Good III(6)
    Paladin Resistance of Good III(6)
    Paladin Armor Class Boost I(1)
    Paladin Courage of Good I(1)
    Paladin Focus of Good I(1)
    Paladin Defender of Siberys III(8)
    Paladin Extra Smite Evil IV(10)
    Paladin Exalted Smite III(6)
    Paladin Divine Sacrifice II(3)
    Paladin Divine Might III(6)
    Total AP Spent: 61/80

    Human Enhancements:
    Human Versatility IV(10)
    Human Improved Recovery II(6)
    Racial Toughness II(3)
    Total AP Spent: 80/80

    This build gets reasonable hp and survivability, though the damage is a bit on the low side. With maxed out gear, you would do about the same DPS as a half-ass geared barbarian or fighter. The strength of this build is his solo ability; the only quests in the game I'd avoid with this toon is epics and raids, where your damage is just not enough.

    Helmet: Epic Helm of Frost(+1 exceptional cha slotted)
    Necklace: Shintao Cord
    Cloak: Epic Envenomed(Toughness slotted)
    Belt: Knost's Belt
    Rings: Kyosho's(20% heal amp) + Encrusted(+2 exceptional strength)
    Boots: Cannith Boots of Propulsion(Probably could use something better here)
    Gloves: Epic Claw
    Bracers: Epic Claw
    Goggles: Tharne's(without agro)/+45 hp green steel goggles of air(tanking)/Conc Op green steel(when regenerating SP)
    Trinket: Greater Bold Trinket/Blood Stone/Litany of the Dead
    Armor: Dragon Touched Leather/Robe/Outfit of 10% healing amp/Crushing Wave Guard/Freezing Ice Guard
    Weapons: Lit II Scimitars x2

    This build is not designed for AC tanking, but can tank based on hate and healing amplification, provided the full ****** DPS barbarians don't go overboard, but really this toon is survivability based, and not idea for any kind of tanking related game play.

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