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IMO Its not so much that his CURRENT build won't function as well...the game changes it happens the main issue is that this will be a HUGE dillemma for ALL (pre-trees AND post-trees) multi-class builds causing alot of extras you get by multiclassing to be lost because of an arbitrary tree limit that barely affect pure builds. The 80AP limit is all thats needed.
Thank you Failed & Octopus...feel free to look over my post history, I am not a Doom & gloomer, nor am I uber-Elite. I consider myself the average joe who likes to have a better than average working knowledge of game mechanics and builds....It's what I enjoy.

My builds are almost always multi-classed and that pinch of flavor, versatility, and utility gained from a few AP's spent in a splashed class is important. Taking 11 levels of ranger for all the feats and a few buffs is certainly still unaffected and great, but favored enemies moving to the deepwood sniper tree, thus locking out an entire other tree for simple perks like haste boost, is definately worth build consideration and a needless handicap.

Without the 3 Tree limit (+1 base racial), I would have no worries or fears whatsoever and would continue merrily on my way with the confidence that any build could be re-specced with a greater ease to finish it's life. The feat requirements needed currently potentially being dropped to access certain PrE's is still a concern, but for the most part, I'm worried more about the AP system.