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Thread: Something nice

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    Sheepish taught our guild more than he would think he did. Made the start of the TR (snail)-train more than bearable.

    Krimsonraine always demonstrated remarkable patience, with someone that had never played a trapper before...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masadique View Post
    ....Pointy McGlanestien....

    Pointy McGlanestien? ROFL

    also... Glane might not be able to yell back on voice, but i sure will if you **** me off . just ask Crow about a shroud i ran with a certain someone someone who was beating on the ele even tho it was my job to park.

    ahhhh memories. XD

    the official home of LOLWUT

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    A thread chocked FULL of Orien love. I like it!

    First, thank you for the couple of mentions! I hope that you all enjoy grouping with me as much as I enjoy grouping with all of you. I feel as though I have somewhat successfully lodged myself within some of the best guilds and channel communities the server has to offer. I am thankful for those groups, and proud to be a part of them!

    Pianoforte: Thank you for inducting me into the first of these channel communities. You are very well connected socially on the server, and you are incredibly gracious with your time and with your friendships. When I first ran aground with Pianoforte, I found myself CONSTANTLY getting plucked with blind invites for running epics; epics that I must say I was very ignorant of and intimidated by. I am so grateful for this - it allowed me to mix with some really great folks, and it helped me learn some of the easier epics, easing away a lot of the intimidation I felt towards the unknown. I was absolutely floored when I witnessed Pianoforte embrace another player and NOT REST until that player was able to construct the epic item(s) of their desire. Piano, you are truly awesome, and I will "suffer" the burden of grouping with your battle-cleric ANY TIME.

    Spanken: I don't know you well, but I certainly wish I did. While you are, on paper, of the leader of the great guild Epic Fail, forgive me for saying that R really seems to be the "face" of your guild (not your fault - R is logged in all the time, often 2 or 3 times!). Well back before I had reached cap, you had joined the Six Demon Bag's Gianthold-wander-around LFM (or, I yours, I can't remember). Anyway, you were kind, patient, and generous with your time - giving us a general what-for of Gianthold that included a tour of some explorer points, a few rares, and even a quest. I hear of your greatness frequently - I only wish that we ended up grouping together more often so that I could have first hand knowledge of it.

    Mirrimaz: This would not be the adequate praise and recognition of your spirit if it did not begin with some sort of harsh and expected razzing: you really suck, man. You should seriously consider re-rolling. I believe one of our first groupings would have been epics with Pianoforte. I originally thought of you as "the really LOUD guy" because your mic was always so hot in my headset. I saw you more and more often, and tolerated your hot mic by moving my headset a little bit off my ears because you were fun to group with. On one particularly shrill day, I suggested you check your mic gain, and we've been smooth sailing ever since. Mirri graciously accepted me into the flock of his guild channel, and is always a blast to group with. He's very fair, generous, well informed, and he taught me that if you're going to Bard Virtuoso, you might as well look into taking the Virtuoso II enhancement line. As long as he doesn't bring that weak ass acid savant garbage around anymore (again, KIDDING!! ), he is always a welcome addition to my group.

    R: From my perspective, you are likely one of the best players and one of the most well known players on the server. Your stoic patience is incredible, unflappable, and seemingly never ceasing. Srsly. I mean... someone should write a book about your patience! Because much like the Admiral Tricorne's skull factor - your patience is over 9000! I had the pleasure of grouping with R occasionally here, there, other places. Eventually, after getting into epics, I saw his LFM for eVON3. Figuring that one was likely a real bear, I applied to the group hoping to learn from one of the Orien server's masters. Another PUGer joined, as well:

    "Item will fascinate, and then we're just going to kill one at a time, nice and slow. No AoEs, please."

    Okay, that means no firewall or ice storm. Okay. I can do this. DERP! Arcane Blast is AoE, too. Dammit! *amazing party recovery*

    "Item is fascinating the mobs so that we can kill one at a time. No Area of Effect spells, please."

    Right right, no AoE. Don't be stupid Metalbone. Don't look like a complete idiot in front of the server's best player! *pulls melee weapon to kill mobs one at a time (Greataxe... )*

    "Greataxes have glancing blows - do you have a different weapon?"

    DERP again! Batting 1.000 here for looking stupid. By the time I was able to get my act together, the other PUGer swung at and woke up all of the fascinated mobs, and we wiped. *facepalm*

    "<not yelling, but obviously perturbed> Why would you do that? Why would you swing at all of the mobs that have been fascinated and wake them all up? I mentioned several times no AoE or glancing! *DC*"

    It was some time well after that that R entrusted the Green puzzle of the Titan pre-raid to me. And, as you might guess, I messed the whole thing up in Position 5. Somehow, the first times when I would group with R, I was terrified of making stupid mistakes. And, as you can imagine, I seemed to always make them anyway. Hopefully I've finally outgrown that, and can be trusted to lead a Green puzzle crew on my own.

    R is an incredible player, and is so precise and calculated with his raid executions. He makes me want to run Abbot, even though I'm not flagged for it on anyone, AND I'm intimidated by it. I just hope that Turbine doesn't screw Abbot up any further so that R will continue his scheduled Abbot runs.

    Katzklaw/Ungood: You two are a treat to run with. Separately, or together! I ran aground of Katz periodically in the Harbor. On one of those occasions, I asked Katz about raiding, and a potential guild alliance between Links and Six Demon Bag. It was really only grand intentions at that point; no one in our guild was really capped or even on enough to consider raiding, let alone flagging. But I always kept an eye out for Katz and Links (which became Unbroken Chain), and always exchanged pleasant words with her. I came to recognize that Ungood on the forums was her husband, and took notice of his very well thought out game improvement ideas and feature suggestions. It wasn't until I was inducted into some of the alliance channels that I really got to group and raid with the two. Katz and Ungood are two great examples of the genuinely good-natured, accepting folks and friendly atmosphere that Orien has to offer.

    Clepta: Ahh, Clepta! The embodiment of good-natured Kinder fun and curiosity, with a heavy-handed hint (lol @ hint!) of naughty. I took note of you the first time I grouped with you. You are so easy on the ears that I imagine that their are very few that don't instantly take note of your charm and playfulness. And they MUST have their speakers turned off, really. It's the only explanation! I have a good time EVERY time I group with you. You are truly a treat (an ABSOLUTE treat) for the entire server!

    So many others: Tempestrose, Trese, Indiagee, Shalera - all so much fun, and SO easy on the ears. Ntalie, Horcerella, Bennny, Crow, Manntis, Definately, Mitu, Eleo, Allydra, Suffafrom, Failrouge, Wolfman, Afd... there are so many - please forgive me for those I've not mentioned. You are all awesome! I owe many of you deeply for the hours of fun and mentoring that you have provided to me!

    <3 Orien.

    Metalbone / Ellarinen / Alihana / Itherey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quilny View Post
    So a lot of bad stuff going on in the forums right now i want to do something possitvie. Please list 1 postivie thing about someone who is not in your guild.
    I will start
    My wife just got back from vacation and brought me lots of chocolate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MnaSidhe View Post
    Sheepish taught our guild more than he would think he did. Made the start of the TR (snail)-train more than bearable.

    Krimsonraine always demonstrated remarkable patience, with someone that had never played a trapper before...
    See, dammit?! I knew that as soon as I posted, I would have missed some. Orien is a wonderful server to call home.

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    Smile also

    Ellminster for the the great time noob humping

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    LagmUnstR - For keeping players on their toes and making the routine quests interesting.
    Server: Orien
    Guild: Over Raided
    Toons: Phasma - Swashbuckler ; Ceroni - Acrobat ; Selina Air Savant ; Cachin - Artificer

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    Default hmmmmm

    people i look up to on orien that are almost always a pleasure to play with and are probably the only reasons i still stick around in and out of guild.

    first off the non guildies:

    Demara- always a pleasure to be around, a good friend and a great comic relief thanks man.

    Brizsa- one of the first people on the server I had a chance to teach something to, he paid attn....this guy is a prime example of personality. really great guy.

    Krimsonrane- this guy moves mountains and those that know him well enough are aware of what i mean...he inspires me and i look up to him as a person and a player.

    Yazaric- YES, thats right...sorry to those that only got to know the troll side of him...he will always be missed by the few that really know him. and a PHENOMINAL player.

    Tetravortex- great guy, great player...only thing id like to tar and feather him for is being a crowd pleaser...those that know me know im matter of fact no matter what...:P but tet is a beast hands down .

    Titanticus- the guys an animal...have to look up to him :P

    Buffybot and Terrah- first 2 female players on Orien that didn't fit the typical stereotype of....I heal to maintain power and control social atmosphere/speed of raids/groups to my liking and if it dont work i wont heal you...which is very typical even tho its a huge taboo to speak it cus everyone is P-whipped and too afraid to admit it...hehe but yeah, there it is ...btw this list has added at least 5 more since then .

    Terrah AGAIN- for being willing to help when needed and having enough ambition to put a fire under everyones hiney when needed :P.

    Bladegolem- this man has a brain on of the fastest puzzle solvers/content masters i have met in DDO...hope he returns and understands that kids have skewed opinions of situations and should be taken as a grain of salt :P (he'll know what i mean if he sees this).

    Jjudo- rocks that WF AM .and due to being on mental hiatus for the past 3 weeks hes smoking me to Ultimate Caster :P.

    R- patience is a virtue...BUT, i gotta it medication that helps put up with it all? :P

    Massivheals- the guy can heal b****. :P...good guy

    GUILDIES:.....first off...I care about all my guildies, would do anything for them and they know it . they are a great crew even tho some including myself have our own quirks. BUT, there are some that deserve a special shout out that i know better from time playing with them ect.

    Deliah- shes the plaster that holds this house deliah, no hb!

    Arsamim- sometimes she is a breathe of fresh air, sometimes id like to flip her upside down and tickle her til she pees on her chin...but she IS a great and real friend , glad to know her.

    Wallmart- the first friend i made on the server and we are still friends...a VERY talented player that doesn't have to brag nonstop about put his player skills zerging or w/e against anyone on the server.

    Mitu- me and mitu have a love/hate relationship :P...he loves me unless im baked :P then he wants to tar and feather me cus i dont log on and make him wait on me for 3 weeks to start the next life...and he showed me EVERYTHING i know about TRing at a high rate of a thanks to all those that showed mitu the lay of the land as well. btw, im back man if you read this ...sorry for the wait.

    Daemonav- thank you for that very generous compliment, I think you have a lot of raw talent and will be a server great and are very well on your way...I must say, I was shocked to bump into yet another extreme female gamer...there are very few that fit the bill, there is a difference between a dedicated and practiced gamer and someone that has raw talent and infinite have met my expectations and exceded them as a raider in a very short amount of time. VERY IMPRESSIVE LADY!

    Macho- I look up to this guy in quite a few ways...hes very chill, talented, motivated and a lucky addition to HB...btw, he doesn't murder raids no more WOOT!

    Halvori- loyal and laxed...great guy hard when he can.

    Karnal- he does his thing...and it works :P

    Dragonlier- WAIT! who let the hillbilly in! j/k

    Lincolnian- get uber then TR...sheesh!

    AGAIN!!! if i missed anyone i'm sorry ...I am sure that i have .

    Ellminster, Terrets, Hulksmash, Rameiraz, Paygne, Fulll

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    I hate lists like these. I like too many people, past & present, and miss most.
    Some of the closest friends I've made here though have got to be Jjudo, Attacus, RasberryX, Baal, Makka, Smoke, Yazerik, erik, jossylyn, carila, tifay (an unsung shero) stinky, and more people than I can name atm.
    They've all made an impact on me as a player and a person. Most of them have known me since I washed up on korthos wearing the same dirty underwear I have on now.
    Not only new to DDO but an MMO infant. Each spent some time unnoobing me.
    Sorry it didn't work I'm still a noob.
    I know most of all the others mentioned in this post and have a great deal of respect for them.
    Shout out to everyone.

    Krimsonrayne -Ultimate Lord of Shadows on Orien server.
    Using -Ethan Hunt build -Assassin III, 900+ HP versatile, survivalist, high dps, str build.
    Build presented in video format. Long Live R.O.G.U.E.

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    Gallina for sure. This guy has been my friend for almost as long as I can remember. He always has good advice, is friendly to everyone, is understanding, will do oddly fun and challenging things like duoing epics with rogues, and is overall a great person and player.

    Ohgr/Madball too, for many of the same reasons, and for being a great leader.

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    Default Oh yeah!

    GALLINA!!!! how in the heck did i forget you man...definitely one of the most clever/talented players on orien...i must say, i am shocked i missed you .

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    Default <--- Manntis

    People come and go all the time. It's how we spend that time with those that makes our gaming experience worth while. We all have different styles of playing DDO, wether it be TR grinding, doing the 1k XP runs, guild raids, exploring new content, farming for gear, hanging out with good friends, or simply enjoying the gameplay. Here are some of the people I've come across that are worth mention in my little corner of the ddo world ...

    Akweber - Great guy, great builds and a worthy ally in PVP
    Anameus - Excellent advice and first monk I've seen tank VOD, on Hard
    Aviankeshin - Cool, Confident and has the persuasive voice of a Bill Clinton
    Bareclaw - Awesome DPS, excellent builds, gave me great ideas for builds
    Benny - He is 1 out of 4 raid leaders I trust/respect in this game, this guy took the time out to explain to me the ins and outs of the subs and evon ... patience is a lost virtue, extremely knowledgable, great guy that surrounds himself with great people, if your in his raids, your in good hands
    Clepta - Made me realize that ddo can be more than game and allowed me to narrate our adventure through the vale wilderness area with her, mugh and I
    Cromagz - Great guy, great personality and makes me nervous about my picture frames on the wall when he uses mic
    Cyerra - the death incarnate
    Danric - Thee most versatile bard I've ever come across ... piker!
    Dhoonyl - Excellent Tank, very confident, easy to get along with
    Docento - First class smart A ... Alik, great builds, always makes me laugh
    Eleowine - Smart player, glad I was there to see you shadow tank for the first time
    Ellesmara - Excellent heals, 1 of few people I trust healing me, HANDS DOWN thee cutest voice on the orien server
    Evithing - Him and I go way back, excellent nukers ... CHEAT CODES
    Faydra - One of the few that see this as a game and not a job, extremely helpful to other players, a lost virtue, thank you for the Large Stone GS mat
    FTS - My CEO, My #1, My long lost twin brother, same mentality, excellent player, extremely knowledgable and glad I ran into ... steak shields and sausage lances LoLz
    Horcarella - Very calm cool individual, excellent build and jealous of gear and DPS output
    Indiagee - Love running with this young lady, another healer I can rely/trust to heal my no AC Tank build, excellent heals and love that southern sassyness
    Kelerak - Excellent builds, very calm, knows how to play his roles and adapt to the situation ... Serinah's well lolz
    Meanwolf - a blessed individual who has the pleasure of playing ddo with his grandson
    Mortalxsix - Excellent builds, Very knowledgable, calm and cool, gives me something to strive for when I see his builds in action
    Mughstacheo - Excellent player, always a pleasure to have in our groups and always steals my training dummy buff kill ... then ends with flex ... grrr
    Ragnoir - Excellent Tank, Excellent personality, never before have I seen anyone tank horoth and suulo, AT THE SAME TIME, also had the pleasure of hearing him cr@pping his pants first time he fought Aeritrrikos
    Reenan - This guy taught me the ways of epic House P and allowed to me to use my bad spanish
    Ryofu - By far the Wittiest and Funniest players I've had the privilidge of roling with, can get through sane asylum puzzle in under 12 sec.
    Saveme - Got me through my first shroud, excellent heals
    Serinah - Where do I start ... been hanging out for a long time and people say we're a ddo married couple, can't begin to thank you enough for all your heals, company and patience, further more, you're 1 of the few that truly get me
    Shreddmo - started his own private guild for himself back when I did the same thing, excellent DPS builds
    Shrggnien - Great DPS, not afraid to step in and tank that horoth, knows how to adapt to any situation
    Temposlight - Very knowledgable, Excellent raid leader, learned alot from this guy, was your raid where I made my very first epic item .. Epic stonemeld plate
    Trese - Excellent player, awesome morale booster, so much fun to be around with
    Verlichte - Excellent raid leader, very knowledgable and proud of Obsidian Marq.
    Vicomtte - Very friendly, rarely on anymore, but took me into his guild when I first started playing up again
    Wilmanric - We go way back, him, I *monk at the time* and Aya would knock out any quest, trio thing, FOR PONY
    Zizie - Excellent Healer/Leader/Person/Player, this woman knows her stuff, knows when to have fun and when we mean business, she don't mess around and never forget that time when noob manntis gave you that bauble, Z your always a pleasure
    Zookeeper - Excellent Cleric/Fighter combo, knows when to heal and when to DPS, Invaluable to any group/raid

    There are many others out there I haven't mentioned and you all know who you are. I'd like to thank the Orien server in general for being one of the most mature/fun servers out there. Most of all I'd like to thank the Dev's. It's not easy keeping up with all the new content, bugs, etc. You hard working fellows are doing an excellent job in creating the world where I play in.
    Where many complain about the latest patch's, bugs, update epic raids and this an that, I dont blame you at all. While the indian mass knows whats best for its community, the final word always comes from the chief
    Thank you all for your time and patience and see you out there ...

    ~ Manntis

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    Cool this Thread wants me to acknowledge our completionists on our Servor.

    Servors with Completionists should have a different sort of recogntion in their names as we see their name(s) in the game.

    Something cool.

    A new Icon in the name would be well worth it.
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    The Blood of the Red Dragon

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    This thread looks a little closed-in to me, there are a lot of people seemingly mentioning each other. You've got your guild/friends channels for that.

    What I find almost alarming is I could see no mention of Brabak - who is incredibly patient, very knowledgeable, and of course hugely attractive.

    There's been one mention of Ozymandias, who quietly goes about being highly skilled, leading a very nice guild, and exhibiting the kind of kindness, humour, and tolerance that really makes you want to punch him in the face.

    To my knowledge no one has said anything nice about Leaden, whish is a tragedy because there are many very nice things about him. He is the server's primary exponent of cunning and trickery.

    These are people who I don't regularly play with, the people I do regularly play with know who they are and how much I dislike them. I think tbis thread would be better if it didn't look a lot like "list the first ten people on your friends list, then have them list you too."

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    I gotta agree, Brabak is something of an unsung hero of the game, he's one of the people who have taught me a considerable bit just by running with him. I also haven't seen mention of Dynacel, Uur Face, or Tsoo (and his many other alts) from intel req'd. The intel req'd guys and gals have always come through to help in at least moral support when me or a friend of mine have been in trouble. Also vent with the entire intel crew is a blast, one of the few groups of people I'll turn my music off for.

    It goes with out saying, Ishara and Rily(forgive me I can't remember your character's full name) have made countless raids a blast even with people with out the optimal builds like myself. Perhaps one of my favorite people to run with though sadly I haven't had much luck in catching her for a couple months at a time is Raspberryx, I can't remember a time I've run in a raid or quest with her that I didn't at least laugh once from her and her friend's antics.

    Of course, there is Vylia, our guild leader as mean as I am to her I'll only admit this once, but she's up there on my list of favorites xD

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    I'm only quite sure if we were going to list out our squelch lists, my name surely appears :-/

    I'm a player who is quite inflexible in time management. Therefore I basically pug TR levelling and pug raid, so I seldom follow tightly with the raid schedules from one or two social groups. And therefore, there is more chance for me to know basically (I believe :P) EVERYBODY in the Orien, afaik everybody in my memory are good players

    As far as I can figure out your name, you are already included in my friend list, while I believe you don't make me on yours :P

    (No ordering)
    Innova, Durken, Brabak, Ishy, Rily, Dannic, Zizie, Madball, Lionclaws, Shataan, Pele, Tiiny, Storm, Kado, Massivheals, R, Jjudo, Tetravortex, Sheepish, Puls, Pianoforte, Spanken, Pointless, Searth, Soni, Craftsteel, Vyking, Gavi, Zeelee, Terrah, Lollita, Zefie, Forking, Desolator, Hulksmash, Keybreaker, Titanticus, Lhasa, Runestone, Flamicia, Kobeyashi, Ua, Zefie, Delirium, Sparkle, Krimsonrare, Youruncle, Ursulah, Shalera

    Played over years and these are names I remember while server is offline :P

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    Default Sustained Superior Performance

    Quote Originally Posted by Lobster5 View Post
    This thread looks a little closed-in to me, there are a lot of people seemingly mentioning each other.... I think tbis thread would be better if it didn't look a lot like "list the first ten people on your friends list, then have them list you too."
    There is a reason you're seeing the same folks' names pop up again and again; in the military we called it "sustained superior performance." We've all helped someone, sometime with something. We've all answered a question once or twice in the Advice channel. We've all given a new player some trivial item to us that absolutely made their week.

    But these folks you see so many times do this constantly, consistently. Even on their bad days when they want to throw their headsets across the room, they STILL help Orien be a better server. Every week, usually every day, they're helping new players learn, helping old players tweak, and leading from the front in the best way they can.

    I'd love to see my own name on this list, but I had to ask myself, am I honestly in the same league as these folks? While I may disagree with some of these folks' opinions (often vehemently), the fact remains they do their best to help others every single time they log in. Do they have off days? Sure. Do I want to invite them over for dinner? Not all of them, no. Do I respect their contributions to Orien? You're damn right I do.

    To paraphrase JFK, ask not what your server can do for you, but what you can do for your server.

    Those people have answered the call, and continue to do so every day.


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    Default Thanks

    wanted to thank




    believe all 3 are completionist and all 3 have helped me understand the game a little bit better. Doubt i will ever be able to zerg through levels as fast as these chaps.

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    Ok....So first post ever in the Forums. I HAD to make this work to send a shout out to so many incredible players on the Orien Server. So many names are already listed throughout this thread and you know who you are. Also to those that listed me *bright smiles* , thank you for putting up with my particular brand of chaos over and over and over again. Now to that list of incredible peeps that have not yet been mentioned and have given a helping hand to so many or run incredible raids that are more importantly incredibly fun even if we wipe or grinded for shinies or just laughed and had a good time while helping me learn about the game

    Cipher/Bruiser/Manaspike- And soooo many more incredible toons. Patient and funny and an all around good organized player and wonderful person

    Savaroth/Rastab- I do believe *YOU* have put up with me the longest *winks* You so rock on so many levels! It is *always* a pleasure to revel in your witty and sarcastic comments and learn ever more about the game!

    Laseema/Espre/Ilsevelle- And the myriad of others. FoM and the Laseema proof Ioun Stone for the WIN!!! Adore you darling girl!

    Riverwolf- What can I say? You are fabulous my dear friend!

    Solarion- And of course your stable of other toons to (maybe?) keep your hoarding going strong!

    Marb/Megamarb/Minimarb- You make this game fun and filled with laughter and generosity. I adore you my dear friend!!

    Afd- You know why! *tacklehugs*

    Bron- The most soft spoken uber player in the game.

    Lithane- For keeping me morally centered on occasion even when you are the Dread Pirate Lith

    Propecia/Sardonic- Shadowhumping for the win!!!!

    Obveril- Proud to have you as my Giggly Twin. What life are you on now?

    Johnnybravo- For just being you

    Crazytrain/XThadiousx/Xshakirax- And the many other xnamegoesherex toons. I cannot help but smile whenever you are around my friend and sooooo enjoy running with you when I can

    Jamaraeh/Smiteya- And your tribe of real life Raid Bosses. You rock!

    Thank you to each and everyone of you, even the uber ones that were mentioned in other posts on this thread, for teaching me the game and making me laugh and putting up with me. I do so adore y'all!!!

    ps Cannot forgot a few that no longer play the many permautations of Eivie and Munter and also Ghandalf
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    Aye, there are lots of mentions in here, and lots that have been missed. I could fill a whole page of deeds that have gone on in the Orien server. But to save time on the many repeated names, I'll just list the few that aren't.

    Togho/Tickki- Great player who helps in epics and raids even with a moments notice.

    Wizkalifa- Another awesome player who doesn't mind helping with flaggings/raids/epics.

    Wingfoot & alts- One of the most reliable healers we had for our dual-guild raid runs. Can't wait to see how your TRs turn out.

    Xxmazexx- you can't find many rogues able to keep up with him and his toon, one of the best to take on epics (hurry up and get to 20 again!)

    Forever Knights as a whole- awesome guild with the nicest people, lead the Night Owls through our first raids of ToD, HoX, VoD and continue to help whenever we need it. Couldn't be more proud to call ya'll our sister guild.

    Last but not least, those who have stuck with my guild even though we've stayed small intentionally. We couldn't have gotten as far as we have without all your efforts. Keep on rocking Night Owls!


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