My Wife and I are new to the game but not the concept, former PnP players as well as former endgame WoW players (guild/raid leaders..not interested in doing the guild leader thing again)
Up to this point we have been playing this game as a 2 man guild and useing hirelings support as needed , However i think its about time to become part of a group (players can do things bots can't)
not overly interested in using the LFG system we would prefer to be part of a guild with active members interested in helping eachother progress their toons ( as apposed to randoms looking to better their own platinum bank)

we are mature players with the ability to be self reliant as well as functional team players, comfortable when faced with tactical situations and strategies. we are also more then willing to help others in their own quests for gear,as well as providing any other assistance such as attunement, materials, potions etc.etc.

while I am new to this game in the sense of how long i have been playing for i dont feel its necessary to ask noobish questions, I am able to do my own research and find the answer on my own ,find the gear drop location and grind to acquire it,

My plan for the moment is to lvl up in a natural quest progression style ( experience the game for its content the first time through,I understand i could power level but im choosing this approch to the game for my own education of how to play my toon correctly as well as seeing what the game has to offer plot line wise, i will probably TR once i reach the cap and attempt a more agressive power leveling system , possibly two TRs before i go to epic content

My account has subscription status ,and 32 point build as well as the expansion. My toon has greater tome of learning and + 3 supreme ability tome
I will max my crafting its currently 50A/50D/80E
I do not have any intention of guild hopping but I would like to find a core group of good players with steady active progression i have expressed an interest in joining one guild on the server ( i have a friend in the guild..not that i have seen him online much..and i dont think i currently meet their criteria) If i were to be accepted into the guild i would take the opportunity
I have Two toons i play. currently my main is a lvl 14 paladin named Zarthanos and my alt is a lvl 8 monk named Gojita
my wife also plays a lvl 13 paladin and a lvl 7 wizard
if you are interested in recruiting us keep in mind we are looking for a group of mature players ,also I do have a slight thing about image..if your alliance has a silly name or something like "rainbow pony" I am not really interested.

please send in-game mail or message to Zarthanos or Gojita regarding this post

I will mention we do have 3 young children (2yo twins,and a 4yo) so play time can obviously be restricted by their needs , also we are in Australia if that means anything to a interested guild