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    Default The new quest pack page

    I like the idea of
    The page itself looks makes a really great first impression, but there are a few issues, imho.

    • You should point out that the numbers refer to the level of the quests (on normal), not to the level this pact will be played on.
      Take Vault of Night, for instance. When you run VoN5 on elite (which is quite attractive with all the streak and bravery bonuses), you will run it with a party which has at most level 12. max level 13 is fine for elite with no penalties. The list, however shows it as a pack with levels 8-10.
    • Devil Assault is strange. The available levels are not 6-20, but rather 6, 12, 18 and Epic. The E is missing.
    • The Demon Sand's level is off. The levels of the quests are 10-12.
    • The Vale of Twilight Pack includes Hound of Xoriat and Vision of Destruction, both having a level of 18.

    It would be nice to have an indication of two additional facts:
    • The pack has an explorer area with the level range X-Y (this could be done with a lighter purple bar which stretches farther than the quest level bar).
    • The pack has a raid attached to it. This could be done with a (R) in parentheses next to the pack name on the left hand side.

    Note: This is a cross-post from a post in another thread which is located in the general DDO section. I felt that this place was better suited and my feedback was appropirate for a thread on its own.
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