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    Default Forming Fri night static group on Khyber

    Ok, my first attempt didn't go so well, so here's one with more details in hopes of getting a better response. I've been gone from the game for 5 years and recently have returned. There's lots of cool new stuff now, and LOTS more content, but the PUG scene is awful. I'd love to stick around with this game, and finding a consistent group is my ideal way to do that.

    So, here's the details.

    Playtime: Friday or Saturday night (Friday night selected). Friday I could start at 7 PM EST, Saturday I play basketball, so couldn't start until 8:30. As we get rolling, if it's decided we want more play time, we could try and do both days, or look for another time that works for everyone.

    Server: Up to the group (Khyber selected). I'll play on any server for this. If it's on a server I have my limit of characters on, I'll buy another slot.

    1. No zerging quests
    2. No leveling outside of the group (unless you miss a night and need to get caught up)
    3. No AH. Brokers are fine. Also no hand-me-downs if you have others on the server.
    4. Loot should be dispersed to those who can use it from chests. If it benefits the party to have someone else pick up my chest items, that's what should happen.
    5. Voice chat is preferred. If you don't have a mic, at least be willing to listen.
    6. Be dependable. Life happens, and if you need to miss a session, that's fine. But try to be there on time.

    Some other things that can be determined by the group:
    Starting level - I'm fine with starting at 1 or 4, but not 7. I think we need time to gel as a group, and don't mind missing some of the lower stuff, but 4 is as high as I'd want to start.
    RP - I'm fine with RP, but would leave it to a group consensus. I wouldn't want to be so strict that if someone forgets and says something ooc, others get mad
    Guild - I think it would be nice to start a small guild for the group, but this would be optional
    I also think it would be cool for someone to be willing to chronicle the adventures we have, so if that's something your interested in, I'd love it. Unfortunately, that's not a skill-set I have.

    Looking to start as soon as we get enough to be a viable party. I'd say fighter, healer, rogue at a minimum, and we'd stay open until we hit 6 dependable people. My ideal class would be to play a rogue, with secondary choices of a ranger or fighter.

    If you're interested, please post here, or send me a PM. Hopefully there's plenty of interest and we can start this soon!
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