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    Thanks for the most 'Epic' raid I have ever done guys. You know who you all are

    ~ Azraiyel, new RSI sufferer
    Quote Originally Posted by twinstronglord View Post
    Up to this point we've all been beating around the bush. Lolth has a very small box in which you can hit her.

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    my raids usually fail in half that time.
    Soturi . Ghallanda Rerolled
    [7/18/2012 12:22:24 AM] D. H.: i mean, i'm not as experienced as, say, a vegas hooker, but i can confidently say that you're a lot more aggressive than like 90% of the guys i've been with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ainmosni View Post
    my raids usually fail in half that time.
    he isnt lying either....

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    I didn't know the Pit was now a raid?!
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