I have been playing around with my 13 rogue 6 paladin 1 monk character and thinking about trring the character into 18 paladin 2 monk or 18 fighter 2 monk or something of that nature. I was trying to figure out the gear setup if I would do so but kind of at a loss so looking for suggestions below I am putting in a sample gear setup with ac in mind (note: I will swap to healing amp and hit point gear for tanking epic lob or the like) oh and I like the +45 incite % below as well. I do not have a high crafter, but others can craft gear for me and just assume I can get all gear in the game.

Trinket: Litany of Dead.
Head: Epic Helm of Frost
Necklace: Epic Grim's Bracelet
Glasses: Epic Time Sensing Goggles
Cloak: +45 hp mineral 2 shroud cloak.
Armor: Icy Rainment
Bracer: Epic Scorched Bracer
Glove: Epic Gloves of Falcon
Belt: Siberys Belt
Ring 1: Circle of Hatred (upgraded)
Ring 2: Band of Syberis (+2 dex enhancement on end)
Boot: Epic Boots of Corrision
Weapon 1: Alchemical Rapier (Air, Air, Air)
Weapon 2: Alchemical Rapier (Water, Water, Water)

Note: no dodge +2 or +1, no protection +6 or Natural Armor of +5 or +6, no wisdom ehancement +7....