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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    So you probably can't see it in the shot, but right above my head there is the bottom of a white paper behind me. That paper is artwork that a DDO player sent of a chair, and it says "/chair". Jeff the Art Director sits right by me... so I hung the picture up where he can see it just to torment him
    You really want to bake his noodle, put it up in the attic and give him a ladder and watch him glitch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don1966 View Post
    since Storm of Vengeance is on the cleric spell list in PnP rules, is it going to be added to the cleric and favored soul spell lists or will this be yet another spell introduced that they are denied?
    I want to know this as well...I've wanted this spell ever since I learned it's not in DDO, way back ~2 years ago (when I got my first divine to level 18, as a FvS).
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    Well, the first video is here.

    I'm disappointed, because I thought bi-weekly meant twice a week not once every two weeks...

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