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Did you forget who we are talking about ? We could play the "Why ?" game all day long
Nerp I did not. For everything they dont do correctly, theres hundreds of things they got right. If this wasnt the case, none of us would even be here talking about it. We are just more vocal about the things they screw up.

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I agree it "should be" squelched = blocked especially as it relates to the party star.

It could be a bit tricky to do the whole

IF (squelch_list_party_member_A..E[] == requesting_to_join_player) denied!
ELSE accept!

for everyone in the party.
Yeah that would be rough. So if I have someone on squelch and they got into the party first, I cant get in, even though its not their party. I imagine there are a few people that half the server has on squelch for obvious reasons, and them getting into an open group is pretty much denying half the server into the same. This likely wouldnt happen too often, but when it does it would be a pain for all involved, as it could be unknown to the group leader as to why its taking so long for their group to fill, heh.