My character, Shordtie Skwirt is a male Halfling who is a 7Pal/2Ftr/1FvS. I have soloed him from creation at lvl4 to where he is now. I am a VIP so I have all quests open to me. I am simply looking to be part of an *ADULT* group for socializing and having fun. It is starting to get boring being alone all the time. I am part of a guild, but unfortunately, I have learned my lesson about joining any guildies groups. The two I have joined both ended in party wipes. This is my first life for this character so I am sort of a wimp compared to those who have multi-life toons. I live in the Chicago metro area (the Central time zone). I usually play between 2pm and 3am. I work on my crafting skill when I am not running quests. In quests, I try to get all the chests, xp and loot that I can.

Hopefully that is enough information for anyone who would like me to join their group.