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Thread: lolth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flavilandile View Post
    Now taking things way back into PnP History, Immortals from D&D ( as from Rule Cyclopaedia and/or Immortal Set ) cannot be killed, you can only kill their avatar. And it takes time for them to make a new one. (and power )
    well from what i recall of my core bocks in dnd. the ONLY way an immortal can be killed by pc's WAS going to that being plane of existence and killing it THERE. because in any other plane all you CAN kill was that immortal avatar.

    and no it was never meant to be an easy job.
    ( i seem to remember a modal that required time travel to get the immortal's blood as part of the ritual to weaken it so that it can be killed. and then a 2nd ritual to spread it reminding power over the planes of existence and erasing the very name of that being so that it won't get any power from devotions.
    also many other "lost" powers were so because of their followers annihilation. weaken enough so it was possible to imprison or even destroy or take them over by others)
    beside if you think about it since you can always "repeat' the quest. i guess story wise Lolth will
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azhanti View Post
    1st edition AD&D module Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits, players do battle with Lolth on her home plane, character levels.........10-14!!
    Actually, players fight a huge mechanical spider manipulated by lloth...

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    It would be interesting if the final battle is one where you inevitably fail and get kicked back to Eberron by her new found power. You just have to survive long enough to get to that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windchant View Post
    according to pax recording interview on ddo cast we will be expecting to fight lolth in the upcoming expansion.. is this true? i mean a group of level 25 player fighting lolth?

    personally i don't think it is reasonable..if they do want player to battle god, perhaps they should start with demi god instead of greater demon web is lolth's domain.. fighting a greater deity in her own domain sound more like suicide.
    If you want to look at it in that way, we fought the *almost* gods of the devil and demon armies. And we fought the Devourer of Dreams.....
    Yeah, we'll fight Lolth, and she'll go down. How cool is that?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigolbear View Post
    This person is correct in my opinon. Historical presedent indicates that DDO has been given the rights to write the 'history' between 4e and 5e. Its certainly not the first time a computer game has covered the gap between pen and paper editions.

    Im fairly sure eye of the beholder covered the gap between 1'st and 2nd ed as regards plot.

    baldursgate - covered the gap between 2nd ed and 3.0 with a plot that revolved around the time of troubles.

    I dont know a great deal about the plot for 4th edition but I suspect that events in neverwinter nights/nwn2 and expansions covers pot changes from 3.5 to 4. such as the introduction of kelemvor as a god of the dead.

    Computer games and novels are the traditional method for covering that transition plot. It looks like ddo got its turn and im glad wotc have recognised the writing and design talent here. kudos to the devs on this.
    Quote Originally Posted by learst View Post
    That's an interesting perspective which I wasn't aware of. I thought BG and IWD for example, are just games with novels - a novel based on BG while IWD was based on The Crystal Shard.

    If that's the case as you say, a hearty kudos to the Devs then. It's a big acknowledgement of Turbine by WoTC.
    Oh dear...

    Ok, Lets start with the Start, a small timeline of when the relevant Relam stuff came out :

    First Box of the Realms is in 87.
    Pool of Radiance ( Novel, Adventure and computer game ) in 88
    ADD Edition change from 1 to 2 is in 89.
    The Avatar Trilogy came in 89 ( Time of Trouble )
    Curse of the Azure Bonds ( Novel, Adventure and computer game ) in 89
    Eye of the Beholder came in 90.
    EoB II in 91
    EoB III in 93
    Baldur's Gate came in 98 ( 2nd Ed Game )
    ADD Edition Change from 2 to 3.0 came in 2000
    Baldur's Gate II in 2000 ( 2nd Ed Game )
    Icewind Dale in 2000 also ( 2nd Ed Game )
    Neverwinter Night in 2002 ( 3rd Ed Game )
    ADD 3.5 in 2003
    NWN2 in 2006 ( 3.5 Ed Game )
    DDO in 2006 ( 3.5 Ed MMO )
    ADD 4 in 2008
    ADD 5 in 2012
    NWN-O in 2012 ( 4th Ed Game )

    As can be seen by the above list, there's not really any coverage by computer games of the edition changes.
    Also as there's not many changes between 1st and 2nd Edition of ADD, it can pass unnoticed in the computer games of that time.
    Actually there's more links between PnP Adventures and Campaigns and edition changes than with computer games.
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