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    Default Ninja Spy build possibilities

    I am interested in building a Ninja Spy and could use some help building something that will be end game viable.

    Reasons I am interested in Ninja Spy:

    - Interested in dual wielding shortswords. (Mostly intrigued by the new Epic Shortsword)

    - Shadow Fade ability

    - Possibility of combining Monk AC for end game survival?

    I have been reading alot of threads on Ninja Spy, especially combined with Assassin. Alot of it seems old though and may be outdated. I am more interested in the possibility of tanking with this build and it seems to me that Assassin may not be the best choice for that. I saw the suggestion of going Halfling (with possible future enhancements in mind) and combining with Ranger and thought that might be an interesting idea. I don't have alot of experience with experimenting with multi-classing and I thought I would see if I could get some feedback on the idea and if viable, get pointed in the right direction. Thanks for reading.

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    Go with Half-Elf and get the rogue dilettante. THe sneak attack damage from the dilettante and Ninja Spy stack.

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    I have a currently level 13, on way to 12 dark monk 7 paladin 1 rogue that has 59 beholder ac, 34-38-34 saves and well over 300 hps character that I love. I rarely even need to use LoH or pots - vampiric wraps will keep me topped off. I am anticipating more sick solo ability as I refine the gear ideas. Super fun to play.
    Nightbreak - Triple completionist. Also Veelah, Koshmar, Grorzakk and a host of other lesser toons.

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    Ninja spy-What shall you foucos:
    1)Healing amplification
    3)sneak atack
    <This list fits most of the builds actually >
    Healing amplification sources:
    Huamn enhancements
    Helf enhancements
    Evulkoor gloves
    DT tiers I and II
    AC sources:
    DT tier III,II
    Dex(Ering of the baccunear fits here alot)
    Greensteel insight/wind alchemical warps insight.
    Choronscop set
    And more and more.
    DPS sources:
    Str-Max it,Invest levels at it,tome it,All you can affroad.
    Good weps-Greensteel/Alchemical
    Good build-Icrit,Etc.
    Sneak atack-Rogue(Therane`s and Manslayer ring is other option)
    Shroud ring slotted with "X" brust
    6)Sleath-Sleath set,Dex,Invisibilty clickey,High sneak,High hide.
    The builds i offer:
    1)At this forum,A build i invented:monk7/paladin6/fighter7 named Abilty-i`m not your pet ranger.She`s also Helf AA.
    Very solid DPS and Heal amplification,less solid AC,Decent HP.
    2)Monk13/fighter6<Kensai or paladin6 defender>/rogue1-Human-
    Very solid DPS if done well,Decet heal amp,Fine AC,Fine HP
    For picking one if you like those,
    Heal amp*******10/10*********8/10
    I prefer ability the helf,But totaly up to you.
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    Shortswords are not very good weapons, especially if you are at all interested in tanking. You cannot use Touch of Death (not to mention Stunning Fist for trash), you get no bursts from ToD rings, you lose your monk attack speed advantage, you only get half Strength bonus to off hand. Their advantage is in critical profile, an advantage which is reduced by large fortification.

    The epic Envenomed Blade would be a poor choice for tanking. You need DA crystals to bypass DR, purple names are immune to paralysis and level drain, many are immune to poison.

    Multi-classing is always a study in what you gain vs. what you give up. If you want 6 levels in another class, you have to give up (at least!) tier 4 stances, monk capstone, epic DR, 2 unarmed die steps, 2 AC, Quivering Palm... this doesn't mean you should never deep splash on a monk, just that you probably shouldn't do so on a lark.

    Monks are really suited to having extra past lives for the build points and granting past lives for the damage. My advice to you is to run up a 20 unarmed human monk, grab a couple shortswords and see how depressing they are, then decide from there if you want to TR or what.

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    i sincerly don't recomend shortswords... but well if you want to go by that line i'd recomend somthing like :
    human, half elf or somthing tricky a drow ...
    if you want to combine with a rogue you could go for a 6monk/14rogue (or even 1 of fighter for extra str armor and much more!) considering you will go for shortswords... max out str but don't lack con , dex , wise ( or you won't be a monk but a fighter-is sort of thing with soso ac...) basicaly i'm saying have equal stats in all 4 ... but sligly higer str
    so aim for somthing by the liens of 34 str, 28-30 dex, 24 or higer con , 24-26 wise at lev 20 use any way you can imagin ... tomes , sel souls , tr , etc ...
    on the feats go for maxing out any thing that gives you damage but the first lev grab 2 toughtnes ...(you ned hp proly you can manage to get prety hig hp depending on the race)
    about stances... i'm a pure darck monk and prefer air stance for your case proly best to be in earth(sligly bad bcoz de hate but you can compensate con amarath intem for ninja .P or a DT )

    that's most i can think of as help but sincerely i don't recomend you to go this path... beter go full monk with unarmed damge(much more adecuate for DPS just like kinerd sed) or 9mon/11rogue (by the lines of above) just that now you can do touch of death+ nice sneack atacks... your choise GL!!!!!!
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    I wasn't aware of all the shortcommings of going shortsword, thanks everyone for the feedback as it was very helpful. I found a nice dark monk tank build in this forum shortly after creating this thread. I guess if I want to use shortswords I will have to stick to something like an assassin build.

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