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Thread: TRing my Rogue.

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    Default TRing my Rogue.

    My rogue is almost ready to TR, nearing on 20 completions on a few raids, and hoping to gather some +3 tomes.

    I wish to TR into a new pure rogue, and I'm looking for a decent build. I like the gameplay of DDO, but I'm not much of a builder, so I'm crowd sourcing your suggestions, hints, etc.

    What I wish: Assassin build that can handle most (and any if possible) traps (spot/search/disable/evade), ready to compromise on DPS/survavibility to achieve that. I wish to remain pure rogue and would like to avoid halfling race if possible (I just don't like them!).

    Current rogue is TWF rapiers, but I don't mind re-gearing or crafting new GS weapons.

    I browsed a few builds already on the forums, but some seem outdated, or others seems to lack some trap skills.

    If assassin line can't let me handle Epic traps, what are my alternatives? (BTW, I don't have Artificier class).

    Lvling up is not an issue, mainly aiming endgame decent build.

    Thank you all for your help.

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    Prob the best build for ya.

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    No halfling, sorry can't help you. Just kidding I'll help, even though you would be so much better as a halfling. Halfling's are just better that way.

    Any rogue who says they can't do traps in epics (talking pure although most splashes don't really have an excuse either) is either lying, lazy, seriously under-geared or seriously gimped. Max skill ranks with +6 appropriate ability item (Int, Dex or Wis), +15 skill item, +2 good luck and +4 GH is generally enough to get epic traps. Spot tends to be a rogue's weakest skill, Wis is generally dumped and most don't wear a +6 item, but that's what improved evasion is for.

    At the moment human and half-elf offer a nice DPS combo of rogue haste boost + human versatility, since you can hit HV for damage and HB for speed at the same time. Using human/helf as a baseline for ability scores I'd probably do something like, assuming +2 tomes on all:

    Str - 16 + 2 tome + 5 lvls + 7 item + 3 exc + 2 rage = 35 ~ 3 tome, yugo pot and 2 ship brings you to 40
    Dex - 15 + 2 tome + 1 enh + 6 item = 24
    Con - 15 + 2 tome + 1 enh + 6 item = 24
    Int - 15 + 2 tome +1 enhancement +2 capstone + 6 item = 26
    Wis - 8 + 2 tome + 6 item = 16
    Cha - 8 + 2 tome + 6 item = 16

    You'll have enough Str to hit things and for it to hurt. You'll end up with 437 HP standing, 497 HP with rage and yugo pot. And you'll have a 40 assassinate DC, which is pretty good at taking out casters in epics. If your play style is less the sneaky assassinate type and more the brute force, bludgeon it till it stops moving type then lower Int and move those points to Str or Con.

    For other races:
    Elf ~ 16 16 14 15 8 8 or 16 16 14 14 8 10
    Dwarf ~ 16 15 17 14 8 8
    Warforged ~ 16 15 17 14 6 8
    Drow ~ 16 15 14 15 8 10
    Half-Orc ~ 17 15 14 14 8 8

    Feats should include Toughness, TWF/ITWF/GTWF, Imp Crit:{Weapon Type} at a minimum. As a tr'ed rogue you'll have access to Past Life: Sneak of Shadows, which gives a very nice +5 to-hit and +10 damage for three minutes (3 1 min clickies). Improved Sunder is another that is very nice on a rogue, it lowers fort. Imp Sunder requires Power Attack, also nice to have. Quick Draw has its uses, it reduces the lag time that occurs between hitting an action boost and you attacking again. Can be handy if you're planning to use the HV/HB combo. With gear you'll be able to hit 39 UMD for no fail heal scrolls so there really isn't a need for Skill Focus:UMD. You can take it while leveling if you want the boost but should probably swap it out later for one of the other above feats. Lastly would be Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Khopesh. Since you already have rapiers you can continue to use them, their dps is not that far behind khopeshes, or you can add in EWP:K and make new green steel or an Elemental Khopesh of Water from Cannith challenges. Being human you could fit in three of the above, non-human would have to pick two.

    With the above abilities you'll have 10 skill points per level, 11 if human. As long as you max Disable Device, Search and Spot and use appropriate gear you'll have no trouble with epic traps. Open Lock doesn't have to be maxed but it doesn't hurt. Max UMD and at least one of diplo or bluff. They both have their uses, I tend to use bluff more than diplo but took them both. That's six skills to focus on, leaving you with four/five points per level to play with. If you want to assassinate it helps to have points in Hide and Move Silently, but not absolutely necessary. Balance should not be ignored and you need at least one point in tumble. If you don't have a high haggle toon this is an opportunity to make one; besides helping to reduce the cost of all those scrolls you'll probably be carrying.

    Since enhancements can be changed it's easier to play around with them and see what works best for you. Here are the absolute minimums for assassin III.

    Improved Hide II
    Improved Move Silent II
    Subtle Backstabbing I ~ you'll want more than just tier I, try for tier III
    Damage Boost II
    Sneak Attack Accuracy IV
    Sneak Attack Training IV

    Other enhancements that you'll want to consider from the rogue line:

    Haste Boost ~ as much as you can get
    Skill Boost ~ handy for those moments when your skills are a little short, if you find yourself never using it drop it and move the points elsewhere
    Rogue Deadly Shadow ~ must have capstone, +2 Int and +4d6 sneak attack
    Faster Sneaking ~ if you like to assassinate then you'll want some ranks in this
    Improved Trap Sense ~ can help if you feel you're failing your trap reflex saves too often, but shouldn't invest too much here
    Wand and Scroll Mastery ~ very handy for self healing
    Wrack Construct ~ nice for adding a little extra damage to constructs, requires spending points in Imp Disable Device

    The above are all rogue enhancements, which race you choose will obviously affect your racial enhancements. If human or half-elf you'll want:

    Human Versatility ~ as high as you can go
    Human Improved Recovery ~ a rank or two, three is too expensive
    Human Adaptability/Greater Adaptability ~ to even out your abilities
    Racial Toughness ~ tier III requires Greater Adaptability Con

    If half-elf take the barb dile and move Greater Adaptability and Toughness III to barb con I and barb toughness II, lower AP cost and +10 hp. Fighter dile is also an option if you want martial proficiency and the boost to sunder DC.

    Elf or Drow stick with rapiers and use the enhancements for rapier attack and damage.
    Dwarf, you won't get free dwarven axe proficiency since you don't have martial proficiency so skip the axe enhancements unless you want to take EWP: DAxe. Dwarven Tactics can help if you decide to use Imp Sunder.
    Warforged have a tactics line, as well. You might want to skip the power attack line, since it further lowers you to-hit. Don't skip healer's friend, it will save your life.
    Most Half-Orc enhancements deal with two-handed weapons but they do have an extra action boost for more haste boosts.

    This isn't exactly a build but it will give you the ground work upon which to make one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rauven View Post
    A lot of valuable info here.

    If I were handed a free 4.3 million xp on my second life pure halfling rogue, this is what I'd do:
    Human; stat spread similar to what Rauven wrote;
    Feats: 3*TWF, PL:SoS, PA, Toughness, EWP: Khopesh, IC: Slash (in no particular order).

    Against Trash, I'd either use Dual EMG, or Rad2 Kukri + EMG.
    Against Bosses, I'd use Khopeshes.

    The main reason why I think that Humans are currently a great choice is that they can fit in the PL and Khopesh proficiency. On my halfling, I am piercing specced, but I do use EMG, because that weapon is just that great. Being Slashing specced and having the best slashing type weapon available would be a great thing to have.
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